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TaskInsight: Tips

Open Recent

The Open Recent menu in the File menu is an easy way to open recently used TaskInsight documents.

Quickly access important documents from the Finder

Drag a TaskInsight document to the PLACES section in the left sidebar of a Finder window. This makes a shortcut to the document. To delete a shortcut, drag it out of the sidebar; the 'poof' confirms it has been removed. The original document is still on your computer; only the shortcut is deleted.

Drag a TaskInsight document to the Dock. This makes a shortcut to the document. To delete the shortcut, drag it out of the Dock.

Revert Document Changes

Revert (in the File menu) will revert the current document to the most recently saved version. Your current changes will be lost.

Customize Windows

TaskInsight document windows can be zoomed and resized to suit your needs on your desktop. For instance, you can make a TaskInsight document window narrow and tall to allow space to see other items on your desktop; or make it large to see more tasks, or make the text large for presentations to a group.

Drag a column header divider to manually change the column width. For instance, double click on the right edge of the 'label' column header to automatically resize that column width to fit the longest label.

To automatically set the column width, double-click on a column header divider. For instance, double click on the right edge of the 'label' column header to automatically resize that column width to fit the longest label.

Full-Screen Mode

Full-screen mode (Shift-Command (⌘)-F) zooms the task list window to the full screen so you can eliminate distractions. Full-screen mode in combination with larger text (Command =) is useful for doing presentations of task lists before a group of viewers who may need a larger text size. Use the keyboard shortcuts Command (⌘) = and Command (⌘) - to change the font size.

Full-screen mode is supported in both Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.7 (Lion). The behavior in 10.6 is a custom zoom of the List or Timeline views, and the the behavior in 10.7 is standard full-screen mode for the window.

Mail a PDF

To mail a task list as a PDF file for delivery to other people, choose Print in the File menu and choose Mail PDF in the PDF button menu. The current display settings, such as priority colorization and column visibility, are used for the PDF.

To prepare a TaskInsight document as a PDF for viewing on an iPhone or iPod touch, set the font size to 24 - 36 for good readability on the small screen size. Then choose File > Print > PDF > Mail PDF.

Copy and Paste a Color RTF (Rich Text Format) Table of Tasks

First configure the columns and other display attributes of the task List view. Then select the set of tasks and choose Copy in the Edit menu. Then open the desired destination document, such as an e-mail message or word processing document, and choose Paste in the Edit menu.

Open the enclosing folder of a TaskInsight document

To open the enclosing folder of a TaskInsight document, Command (⌘) click the name of the document in the window title bar and a popup menu appears displaying the folder path to the document. Choose the desired folder and it will be opened in the Finder.

Using Text-To-Speech to Listen to Task Lists

To have the computer speak tasks in the task list, select the desired items and choose Speak Selected Tasks in the View menu, Command (⌘)-K. Text-to-Speech lets you listen to your tasks while you work on other projects on or off the computer.

To stop computer speech, choose Stop Speech in the View menu, Command (⌘)-Shift-K.

Use the Speech panel in System Preferences to configure how Text-To-Speech sounds on your Mac.

TaskInsight Preferences

Date Editing Preferences

Dates in the task list can be edited manually or with the Popup Date Picker. The Use Popup Date Picker check box in the TaskInsight Preferences dialog is used to set this preference. Press Command (⌘)-, (comma) to open Preferences. If Use Popup Date Picker is on, then a date picker popup appears when clicking on date fields in table view. If Use Popup Date Picker is off, then date text is manually edited. Navigation shortcut: Hit the Tab key to cycle through and edit various columns for the selected task.

Show Tooltips for Task Details

Use Preferences to determine if Tooltip windows appear with task details when you hover over the task column in the List view, or hover over a task bar in the Timeline view.

Default Duration for New Tasks

Use Preferences to determine the default duration for new tasks.

TaskInsight Launch Preferences

Upon launching TaskInsight, TaskInsight will Open a New Document, Don't Open a New Document, or Reopen Document From Last Session, based on the Preferences setting.

Auto-Saving Documents

To have TaskInsight automatically save your documents as you work, open Preferences, Command (⌘)-Comma (,), and set the Auto-Save interval.


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