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TaskInsight: Sort Tasks

Sorting Tasks

Sorting can be performed by clicking a column header in the task list. The small triangle icon in the column header indicates ascending or descending sort.

Sorting by two or three columns can useful, for instance, first click the 'priority' column header, then the 'status' column header. Or another variation might be 'priority', 'label', 'status'.

If Auto-Sort After Changes is turned on in Document Settings, tasks are sorted automatically if a task priority is changed or other changes are made to the list.

Useful multi-column sorting configurations include (click each column in List view):

Choose sort actions in the Sort menu in the View menu. Several single and multi-column sorts are available.

Choosing a sorting command briefly displays the sort chosen in the status bar at the bottom of the TaskInsight document window.

Keyboard shortcuts for sorting commands are described in Keyboard Shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts can be used in quick sequences to do common sorting functions. For example, to view the task list sorted by label, priority, and status, press Control-3, Control-1, Control-2.


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