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TaskInsight: Import and Export Text

Import or Export XML or TSV Files

Use the Import and Export commands in the File menu to import or export files in TSV (Tab-Separated Values) or XML formats. The visible columns in the List view are the columns that are imported and exported. If you need to match a different set and order for import or export, use the Document Settings for the List view to change the set of visible columns. To change the order of visible columns, drag the column headers in the List view.

Export Timeline as HTML5 Canvas

Use Export Timeline as HTML5 Canvas command in the File menu to export the current Timeline view to an HTML5 document using the Canvas object as the timeline rendering system. These HTML files can be uploaded to a web site with FTP or SFTP software, and they can be e-mailed or viewed by anyone with a modern web browser that supports HTML5 and the Canvas protocol.

Drag Text into TaskInsight

Text can be dragged into the TaskInsight task list to create a new task. For instance, drag text from an e-mail, web page or word processing document into a TaskInsight document.

Paste Text Lines as Items

Paste Text Lines as Items lets you easily convert multiple lines of text copied from another application to individual tasks in TaskInsight.

Drag Text to Another App

A task can be dragged out of TaskInsight to another application that supports Drag and Drop. The task text will be dropped into the other application. For instance, you can drag tasks from TaskInsight to an e-mail or a calendar program.

Copy All as Tab-Delimited Text

To copy task data from a TaskInsight document into the pasteboard in tab-delimited format, choose Copy All as Tab-Delimited Text in the Edit menu. Then paste your data into another application that supports the tab-delimited format. Tab-Delimited Text can be imported into spreadsheet programs.

Copy Selected Tasks as RTF (Rich Text Format) Table

To copy the selected tasks in the task list as an RTF (Rich Text Format) table with priority-colorized cells, use Copy in the Edit menu. This table can be pasted into an application that supports RTF, such as TextEdit, or Mail, or other word processors.

The Cut, Copy and Paste commands, when used in the List view, copy all of the task columns of data, even if those columns are not visible. To Cut, Copy or Paste only the visible columns of data, choose Copy Visible Columns or Paste Visible Columns.


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