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TaskInsight: Create and Edit Tasks

Create a New Task

To create a new task, click the + button, or press Command (⌘)-N. The first column of the new Task is selected for editing; start typing to enter information replace the selected placeholder text.

Create a Task with Drag and Drop

Tasks can also be created by dragging text into a task list from another application, from another task document, from selected text in another task, or from icons in the Finder. While in the process of dragging text into a task list, the prospective location of the drop is highlighted. If dragging text or a task into a task list, the new task priority and label are set to the same priority and label as the task just above the drop location as a convenience, although these settings may need to be manually edited.

Create a Task With a Document Path

If a document from the Finder is dragged and dropped into a task list, a task is created with the path to the document. For example: /Users/greg/Documents/Additional-Project-Notes.txt. To open a document for a document path in task text, select the path, right-click the path to display the contextual menu. Choose Open in the menu to open the document. The document will be opened in the default application for handling that type of document. Choose Reveal in the menu to select and display the file icon in a Finder window.

Create a Task With a Web Page URL

To add web page URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) to a task, drag the URL from your web browser to the selected text of a task. URL example: http://imaja.com/taskinsight/ To open web pages for any URLs in a task, select the task text and right-click the text to display the contextual menu. Choose Open URL from the menu. The web page will be opened in the default web browser on your system.

Edit Tasks in the Task List View

To navigate from one field to the next, press the Tab key. The text is selected for replacement. To add to the end of selected text, press the Right Arrow to move the insertion point to the end of the text. To move to the previous field, press Shift-Tab.

Edit Tasks in the Detail View

Tasks can be edited in the optional detail view. To open and set the size of the detail view, drag the divider bar (at the right edge of the task list view) to the left. To close the detail view, drag divider bar to the right edge of the window.

Edit Dates

Dates can be edited manually as text, or with the Popup Date Picker. To choose what method to use for date editing, choose Preferences, Command (⌘)-, (comma) to open the Preferences window.

Manually editing dates: Dates must be entered in exactly the same format as displayed. When a date is entered in the completed date column, the Done checkbox is automatically checked. If the text "---" is entered in the completed date column, the Done checkbox is unchecked. Entering invalid dates makes the field empty.

Using the Popup Date Picker: Click a date in the table view and a small calendar Date Picker window will appear with the name of the date field that is currently being edited and an excerpt of the task text. Click in the month view to select a new date. Use the small arrow buttons to choose a date in a different month.

Dates are displayed using the Short date format which can be customized in the Apple menu: System Preferences > Language & Text > Formats > Customize > Short...

Select Tasks

To select a task, click it. The entire task line will be highlighted in the system highlight color. (The default highlight color is blue. The system highlight color can be customized in the Apple menu: System Preferences > Appearance > Highlight color.)

To select the next or previous task, press the down arrow or up arrow.

To select or deselect a discontiguous set of tasks, Command-click them in the listing view.

To select a range of tasks, first click the first or last task in the range, and then Shift-click the other end of the range.

To select a sequence of tasks from the keyboard, select the first or last task, and press Shift-Down-Arrow or Shift-Up-Arrow to add tasks to the selection.

To select the first task, press Option-Up-Arrow. To select the last task, press Option-Down-Arrow.

Delete Tasks

To delete a task or set of tasks, select the tasks in the listing and click the - button or press Command (⌘)-Delete.

Change Task Priority

To change the priority of a task, drag the task on to another task with the desired priority.

The priority field can be edited from the keyboard in the table or detail view.

Priority sorting is done automatically if Auto-Sort After Changes is turned on in Document Settings.

After editing the priority, the task remains selected after sorting and the list is automatically scrolled to display the selected task.

To change the priority of a group of selected tasks, choose the desired priority in the Priority menu in the Edit menu.

Task Fields

Basic fields of tasks are the main text, label, priority (Suggested 1-5, or any numbering system you choose), status (or 'done', a checkbox).

To choose which task field columns are to be visible in the listing view, open Document Settings and make your changes in the columns menu. Columns can be reordered by dragging the column labels at the top of the task list. Customized column arrangements are saved with the TaskInsight document.

Task Date Fields

Additional task fields include date due, date created, date modified, and date completed. The date completed is set automatically when the status is set to done (checked). The date modified is changed when any task field is modified.

Dates in the task list can be edited manually or with the Date Picker popup. The Use Popup Date Picker check box in the TaskInsight Preferences dialog is used to determine this preference. If Use Popup Date Picker is on, then a date picker popup appears when clicking on date fields in table view. If Use Popup Date Picker is off, then date text is manually edited. Navigation shortcut: Hit the Tab key to cycle through and edit various columns for the selected task.

Use the Timeline view to use dragging to shift tasks in time.

To shift the time of a group of selected tasks, choose a shift amount in the Shift Time menu in the Edit menu. See Shift Times of Selected Tasks for shortcuts.

Cut, Copy and Paste

Cut, Copy and Paste commands (in the Edit menu) are supported in List and Timeline views. Keyboard shorts are Cut Command (⌘)-X, Copy Command (⌘)-C and Paste Command (⌘)-V. Cut and Paste commands support Undo and Redo.

In the List view Cut, Copy and Paste commands, all columns of selected rows are copied to the Pasteboard. Use Copy Visible Columns or Paste Visible Columns in the Edit menu to copy or paste only the visible columns of task information.


The Duplicate command, Command (⌘)-D (in the Edit menu) is supported in List and Timeline views. The currently selected tasks are duplicated. The Duplicate command supports Undo and Redo.

Undo, Redo and Revert

Undo and Redo (in the Edit menu) are supported for many functions in TaskInsight. To reverse changes to tasks or document settings, use Undo, Command (⌘)-Z. To restore changes, use Redo, Shift-Command (⌘)-Z. TaskInsight supports multiple Undo and Redo. Revert (in the File menu) will revert the current document to the most recently saved version. Your current changes will be lost.


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