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Introduction to TaskInsight

TaskInsight is a task manager with labels, priorities, date stamps, color coding and many other features, designed to optimize your prioritization and focus on project tasks.

Get Speech Commands for TaskInsight

Speech Commands Module 1 provides speech control for various actions, including changing the selection, setting priorities, setting status, time shifting, sorting, speaking tasks, and other speech commands. The speech control uses the Mac OS X Speakable Items system (in System Preferences / Accessibility).

Speech Commands Module 1 is an In App Purchase. To purchase the Speech Commmands module, choose Purchase Speech Commmands Module in the File menu. You will need your AppleID and password to authorize the purchase.

What's New in TaskInsight 3:

The Timeline View provides many new Document Settings to configure the visual attributes of the Timeline, including background image, timeline-specific priority colors, background color, grid line colors and many more. Editing behaviors, such as Snap To Grid, and Auto-Sort can also be configured in Document Settings.

New Duplicate (Command (⌘)-D) command lets you duplicate selected tasks in the List or Timeline view. The Duplicate command is supported by Undo and Redo.

Multiple-task selections can be dragged to reschedule them in the Timeline view. Drag-rescheduling is supported by Undo and Redo.

Go To Date and Go To Today provide easy navigating through large time sorted task lists in both List and Timeline views.

New "Percent Done" attribute added to Tasks, displayed in List view, and optionally the Timeline as a graphic indicator in Timeline task bars.

Import and Export TSV (Tab-Separated Values) and XML file for sharing with other database applications.

New contextual menus (Control-click or right-click) are provided to set priority, status and percent done for selected tasks. See the Priority, Status and Shift Time menus in the Edit menu.

Copy Visible Columns and Paste Visible Columns commands have been added and the default behavior of Cut, Copy and Paste in the List view now copies all columns of data, even if the columns are not visible.

New keyboard navigation keys for the Timeline view: Shift-Left-Arrow and Shift-Right-Arrow move the focus along tasks sorted in time.

Keyboard shortcuts for navigating the Timeline view are described in Keyboard Shortcuts.

Use Search to filter List or Timeline views for tasks that match a particular label, for example: label=deployment.

Full-screen mode is supported in both Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.7 (Lion). The behavior in 10.6 is a custom zoom of the List or Timeline views, and the the behavior in 10.7 is standard full-screen mode for the window. TaskInsight has a cleaner look, with less distractions in Full Screen mode. One can switch between Timeline and List views while in fullscreen mode using the keyboard shortcuts Command (⌘)-T or Command (⌘)-L.

Versions is supported in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion): browse old versions of your documents and revert back to a specific version as desired.

AppleScript can be used to change properties of TaskInsight documents, such as various Document Settings, task properties and task views. Tasks can be created and modified with AppleScript. Sample AppleScript scripts for TaskInsight can be downloaded from the Imaja TaskInsight web site.

Page Setup and Print Settings, such as landscape or portrait orientation, and specific printer, are stored with TaskInsight documents.

TaskInsight supports Automatic Termination and Sudden Termination in Mac OS X 10.7, which provides better system memory management and recovery from system crashes.

Choosing a sorting command briefly displays the sort chosen in the status bar at the bottom of the TaskInsight document window.

Optimized timeline drawing operations for greater speed in updating large timelines.

Improved grid label display in Timeline view to show day of week (Mon, Tues, Wed… or M T W…) based on current zoom level.

Fixed problem where Document Settings drawer would not be made visible when document window was almost full screen.

The Alternating Row Color tint will show through if Priority colors are set to be partially transparent with the Opacity slider in the Color Picker panel, so now documents can use both Priority colors and Alternating Row Colors at the same time.

If the Alternating Row Colors is turned on in Document Settings, then the List view is properly restored with that option.


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