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TaskInsight: Document Settings

To Open or close the Document Settings drawer to change various display settings for a TaskInsight document, click the Settings button (the gear icon), or press Command (⌘)-T.

List and Timeline View Settings

Document Settings contains two tab views for List view and Timeline view settings. A few general settings appear above the tab views.

List View Settings

To colorize tasks based on task priority (1-5), turn on Colorize Priority in Document Settings. Customize the colors as desired. Document Settings colors are stored as part of the TaskInsight document. Priority colors are used for both List view and Timeline view.

Opacity can be specified for colors in the Timeline and List views. For example. the Grid Line colors in the Timeline view can be made semi-transparent so they blend better with the background and are do not hinder reading task text. Use Document Settings to choose colors and transparency. Click on a color well to open the Colors panel to choose a color and opacity.

The Alternating Row Color tint will show through if Priority colors are set to be partially transparent with the Opacity slider in the Color Picker panel, so now documents can use both Priority colors and Alternating Row Colors at the same time.

Change the font and font size for the List and Timeline views in Document Settings. The standard system Fonts panel appears when you click a Choose Font button where the font and font size can be changed. Change font size for the current view with keyboard shortcuts: Larger Text (Command (⌘) =) and Smaller Text (Command (⌘) -).

To view all the text for the 'todo' column, turn on the Variable Row Heights option in Document Settings. To show only the first line of 'todo' column text for each task, turn off the Variable Row Heights option, and the more compact view of the task lists becomes visible. Hold the mouse pointer over a task for a moment and a tool tip will appear with the details of the task.

The Columns menu is used to choose the set of columns to be visible in the List view. Another way to change which columns are visible: Control-click or right-click on column headers in the List view and choose the desired columns in the contextual menu.

If Auto-Sort After Changes is turned on in Document Settings, tasks are sorted automatically if a task priority is changed or other changes are made to the list.

Timeline Settings

To include the task label with task text for display, turn on Include Label With Task Text.

To include time of day with task dates for display and editing, turn on Show Time With Dates.

To task dates in the Timeline view, turn on Show Dates.

To display a line marking the current date in the Timeline view, turn on Show Today Line.

To control the vertical spacing between task items in the Timeline view, set the Vertical Spacing.

To change the font, background and label colors for the Timeline view, click the color wells and select a color from the standard Colors panel.

More information on Timeline settings.


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