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Getting Started with TaskInsight

TaskInsight is designed to help you manage a set of tasks which have various attributes such as priority, label, status (done or not), and dates: due, created, modified, completed.

Creating task list documents

To create a task list document, choose New in the File menu, Command (⌘)-Shift-N. A new empty task list document window appears. Tasks are stored in task list documents. You can create and open as many as you want. Use task documents to separate tasks that do not have to be intermingled. Use a single task document to group different types of tasks, each labelled and prioritized as desired.

Choose File > Save As to save the new untitled document with your desired name and folder location.

Creating Items

To create an item, click the + button or choose New Task in the File menu Command (⌘)-N. You can start typing into the first field. Press tab to move through and edit the fields. Changing the priority will resort the table.

Document Settings

Open or close the Document Settings drawer by clicking the Settings button (with the gear icon) at the top of your TaskInsight document, or press Command (⌘)-T.

Choose which columns are visible in the Columns menu.

Choose to colorize table items with priority codes for priorities 1-5 with the Colorize Priority checkbox.

Choose to display table items variable row height (to display all text) or one line of text with the Variable Row Height checkbox.

Choose alternate row colors by clicking the Alternating Row Colors checkbox. This helps distinguish individual items in the table. The Colorize Priority option takes precedence over Alternating Row Colors.


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