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TaskInsight: Timeline View

Show the Timeline View

To show the Timeline view, click the timeline button in the toolbar at the top of the document, or choose View as Timeline, Command (⌘)-T. To switch back to the List view, choose View as List, Command (⌘)-L.

Task bars are determined by the start and 'end' dates of the task. The end date of the task bar is either the due date, or the completed date. If the task status is 'done' (checked), then the completed date is used, otherwise the due date.

Zoom In and Out

To change the horizontal time scale of the timeline, click the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons in the toolbar, or choose Zoom In, Command (⌘)-], or Zoom Out, Command (⌘)-[, from the View menu.

Navigating the Timeline

To navigate the timeline, click the scroll bars or use keyboard shortcuts. Use arrow keys to scroll. Press Option and arrow keys to scroll in larger amounts, and press Command and arrow keys to scroll in very large amounts. Other useful keyboard navigation keys are Home, End, Page Up and Page Down. Press the Space bar to move to the current time, which is indicated by a red line, the Today Line.

Press Shift with the left or right arrow keys to move the focus one day and scroll the task closest to the focus date to the upper left of the Timeline view. Press Shift with the up or down arrow keys to move the focus 30 days. The new focus date is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the document view. Shifting the focus date works best when the task list is sorted by start date.

Go to Today: Shift-Command (⌘)-T

Go to Date: Option-Command (⌘)-T -- Open the Go To Date panel to select a date and go to that date in the Timeline view.

Changing the Font Size

For larger text, click the A+ button in the Toolbar, or choose Larger Text in the View menu, Command (⌘) = .

For smaller text, click the A- button in the Toolbar, or choose Smaller Text in the View menu, Command (⌘) - .

Editing Tasks

To edit the task text or task label, click the task text and the task text panel will appear. Changes made there are automatically applied to the task when the panel is closed.

To edit the task start or end date (due or completed), click the task date and the date picker panel will appear. Changes made there are automatically applied to the task.

Dragging Task Dates

To drag the entire task bar, start and time points together, click and drag anywhere in the task bar except near the left or right edges, and drag to the desired date. This keeps the original duration of the task.

To change just the start date of a task, click and drag the left edge of the task bar to the desired date. This will not change the end date except when dragging the start date past the end date of the event. This will set the end date to the start date.

To change just the end date of a task, click and drag the right edge of the task bar to the desired date. This will not change the start date except when dragging the end date before the start date of the event. This will set the start date to the end date.

For short events in the Timeline view: Press the option key to drag just the end time of an event in the Timeline view. Press option-shift to drag just the start time.

Undo and Redo (in the Edit menu) are supported for dragging task dates in the Timeline view.

Selecting Tasks

Click a task to select it. Selected tasks have small blue drag handles on the left and right edge. Shift-Click tasks to add to the current selection. Click in the Timeline background and drag a selection rectangle (transparent blue) to select tasks that intersect the selection rectangle. Press the Shift key when making a selection rectangle to add the newly selected tasks to the current selection.

Selected tasks can be modifed with the Priority menu or Shift Time menu in the Edit menu. See Shift Times of Selected Tasks for shortcuts.

Using Search to Filter the Timeline View

To filter the timeline to a subset of all tasks in the document, enter search text in the toolbar. The Timeline view will update to show tasks that include the search text.

To view and select from recent searches, click the magnifying glass icon at the left of the Search field.

To find items with a specific priority, put the desired priority (1-5) in the search text: "priority=1".

To find items that are not completed, put "status=0" in the search text.

To find items that are completed, put "status=1" in the search text.

Sorting the Timeline View

To sort the tasks in the Timeline view, choose one of the sort options in the Sort menu in the View menu. Or choose View as List in the View menu and click the column headers to sort the tasks as desired, then Choose View as Timeline. TaskInsight always displays the same full set or Search-based subset of tasks in both List and Timeline views.

Common and useful sorting configurations are listed below. Click each column in List view. The last column clicked is the primary sort column, the previous sort column clicked is the secondary sort, etc.

Configure the Timeline in Document Settings

To configure display attributes of the Timeline view, choose Show Document Settings in the View menu, Shift-Command (⌘)-E, or click the Document Settings button in the ToolBar. Click the Timeline tab near the top to select the Timeline Settings view. Timeline Settings includes Show Dates, vertical spacing, font and size, font color and background color. Some Document settings are shared by both List and Timeline views, such as Colorize Priority, the priority colors, and Show Time With Dates. The Timeline view settings includes a separate set of priority colors that can be optionally used instead of the List view priority colors. To use the separate set of priority colors for the Timeline view, turn on Use Timeline Priority Colors in Document Settings.

Tasks now include the optional Percent Done (% done) attribute in the List view, which is optionally graphically indicated in Timeline view task bars as a green bar showing the percentage done (0 - 100%). To use the Percent Done indicators in the Timeline view, turn on Show Percent Done in Document Settings in the Timeline tab.

To include a grid line marking the current time, turn on Show Today Line in Document Settings.

Using a Background Image in the Timeline

To use a background image in the Timeline view, drag and drop an image into the Background Image well in the Document Settings drawer. Images can be pasted there after they have been copied from another location. Use the Image Opacity % setting to control the opacity/transparency of the image. If the image is partially transparent, then the background color shows through, so you can achieve a variety of effects such as darkening an image by making it transparent over a black background, or lightening it over a white background, or tinting it with a color over a color background. It's important to maintain text readability with strong dark-to-light contrast on top of the background, so generally one should use a dark background with light text, or a light background with dark text.

Configure Task Date Format in the Timeline View

To configure the date and time format for task bars, choose Apple Menu > System Preferences > Language & Text > Formats > Dates > Customize and configure the short dates as desired.

Configure Grid Line Colors in the Timeline View

The TaskInsight timeline view uses unique colors for gridlines marking the beginning of years, months, weeks, days and hours. The gridline colors include an opacity setting in the Colors panel; this helps blend the gridline with the background color or image as needed. It's useful set the opacity of the gridline colors to about 20-30% so the task text is more readable on top of the grid lines.

The TaskInsight Timeline view uses a unique color for gridlines marking the beginning of the week. To customize which day is the first day of the week, choose Apple Menu > System Preferences > Language & Text > Formats > First day of week, and choose the desired start of week, such as Sunday (United States), or Monday (European style).

Configure the Timeline for Printing

To configure printing attributes of the Timeline view, open Document Settings. You might consider a white background to save ink in a printer. Or for special presentations, you might choose a color scheme and font that will be appropriate, functional and attractive for your particular audience. For optimum readability, keep in mind the size of the text and contrast of the font colors to the background color.


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