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TaskInsight: Search Tasks

Search for Text

To find and display only items that contain specified search text, use the Search field at the top of the TaskInsight document. To focus on the Search field, press Command (⌘)-F, choose Find in the Edit menu, click the Search field, or repeatedly tap the Tab key until the Search field becomes selected.

To show all items and cancel the Search, press the Escape key, or delete the Search text by clicking the X icon or pressing the Delete key.

Tasks can be created, edited, deleted, etc., while a Search subset of your tasks is displayed.

Search for Priority, Status or Label

To find items with a specific priority, put the desired priority (1-5) in the search text: "priority=1".

To find items that are not completed, put "status=0" in the search text.

To find items that are completed, put "status=1" in the search text.

To find items with a particular label, use a search such as "label=My search text".

Recent searches

To add a search to Recent Searches, enter search text and press Return or Enter.

To view and select from recent searches, click the magnifying glass icon at the left of the Search field. A popup menu appears; click the desired search to perform it. The recent searches menu can be navigated with the keyboard: Use the up and down arrow keys to select a search item in the menu. Press Return to perform the selected search in the popup menu.

Combination searches

Combination searches include 2 or more search terms separated by &&, such as:

To perform a combination search, enter two or more of the following items separated by &&:


Tasks will only match a search for completed=SomeDate if the task is completed (status=1).

Go To Date and Go To Today

To open the Go To Date panel, choose Go To Date in the View menu, or click the Go To Date in the toolbar.

The Go To Date and Go To Today commands scroll the List and Timeline views to show the first item closest to the chosen date. Changing the date in the Go To Date panel will immediately scroll the List and Timeline view. If you manually scroll to a different section in the List or Timeline view, click the Go To Date or Go To Today button to go back to the chosen date. There are buttons in the Toolbar for Go To Today and Go To Date, and there are menu commands with keyboard shortcuts in the View menu: Go To Today Shift-Command (⌘)-T and Go To Date Option-Command (⌘)-T.


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