Speech Commands on iPhone

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Speech Commands let you control TelepaText with your voice. Use the Dictation key on the keyboard to speak commands to perform various actions in the app. Speech Commands are an In-App purchase for both iPhone/iPad and macOS versions of TelepaText. Note: There are differences in the Speech Command functionality between macOS and iPhone; see the reference below or in each app for details. See Using Speech in TelepaText for an introduction to Speech functions. See the video How to do web searches with Speech Commands in TelepaText for more.

Speech Commands Reference

What can i say
How do i use speech commands
Say next <n> [ paragraphs | blocks ]
Select <phrase>
Select sentence <phrase>
Select paragraph <phrase>
Find <phrase>
Replace <phrase1> with <phrase2>
Tweet <phrase>
Tweet this [ line | paragraph ]
[ Lowercase | capitalize | uppercase ] <phrase>
Evaluate <expression>
Evaluate this [ line | paragraph ]
Insert [ date | time | date and time | clipboard]
Append clipboard
Insert [ address | phone | email] for <name>
[ Say | speak | read ] [ documents | folders | info | settings | speech]
Print document
Open document <phrase>
Rename this document <phrase>
Go to the [ top | bottom | middle ]
[ Change | dark | light ] style
[ Get | say ] info
[ Start | stop ] scrolling
Scroll [ faster | slower ]
Make text [ larger | smaller | small | large | normal ]
[ Make | set ] font size <number>
[ say | speak | read | get | show | display ] colors
set [ text | background ] color <colorname>
[ make | set ] [ text | background ] [ darker | brighter ]
set [ text | background ] [ hue | saturation | brightness | alpha ] <0to1value>
[ get | show | display ] [ text | background ] color
[ display | show ] [ font | fonts | word usage | word types ]
<Dictated text> cancel that
Make link with command <phrase>

Web search speech commands

[ Wikipedia | Web | Map ] search <phrase>
[ Google image | Flickr | Yahoo | Bing | Ask ] search <phrase>
[ Thesaurus | Dictionary | Wolfram Alpha | Apple developer ] search <phrase>
[ YouTube | Cora | Unicode character ] search <phrase>
[ Google news | Google book | Twitter | EBay ] search <phrase>
[ Web M.D. | Pub Med | Health Finder | Health Line ] search <phrase>
Internet movie database search <phrase>

Settings speech commands

Say settings
Turn keyboard accessory [ off | on ]
Make speech speed [ slow | normal | fast | slower | faster ]
Turn sentence delay [ off | on ]
Turn linebreak delay [ off | on ]
Set speech delay <number>
Turn speak upon opening [ off | on ]
Turn feedback [ off | on ]
[ Show | get | display ] [ speech | info | settings | font ]
[ Say | show ] [ speech | commands ]
Say all [ speech | commands ]
[ Show | clear ] log

Use one of the words in brackets [ ] to complete a phrase. Replace the phrase in angle brackets <phrase> with the desired phrase.

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Speech Commands on iPhone tutorial

This describes how to use the Speech Commands in TelepaText to perform various actions in the app.

How to use speech commands in TelepaText

Example: Tap in the text of a document on a blank line, then tap the Dictation button in the bottom toolbar. The keyboard will appear. Tap the Dictation key on the keyboard and say "show commands". Then tap Done and the Speech Commands Reference appears.

On iPhone or iPad, speech commands use the dictation system (if available) in the text editing view.

To learn about speech commands on the iPhone, say "what can I say", or "show commands".

Be sure to have a blinking insertion point in the text first. Then tap the dictation key on the keyboard and speak the desired command. You will see the command inserted in the text view as you dictate. Tap Done at the bottom of the screen, and the command will be performed. In some cases, the command text will be removed from the text view, and in other cases the command text or command result will be inserted in the text.

Tapping the Dictation button in the bottom toolbar before performing a speech command ensures that the dictated command will not be left in the document if it is not recognized. If text is selected, then the selection is changed to an insertion point at the beginning of the original selection. Also, starting dictation with text selected will replace the selection with the result of the dictation. This could be a problem, so we use the Dictation button in the toolbar to indicate that we are starting a speech command in the next dictation.

Selecting text

Select <phrase>
Select sentence <phrase>
Select paragraph <phrase>
Find <phrase>

Work with documents

Say [ documents | folders ]
Print document
Open document <phrase>
Rename this document <phrase>

To send the selected paragraph as a tweet, tap the speech commands button in the toolbar or the dictation key in the keyboard. Then say "tweet this paragraph".

Here are some examples of speech commands:

Tweet We have a great new version of our iPhone text editing and actions app coming out!

Search commands

This section of search speech commands includes a complete list of examples for each of the searches currently provided by TelepaText.

Search commands start with the name of the site to search, followed by the word "search", followed by the phrase to search for.

Web search sea level rise
Google images search chameleon rainforest
Apple developer search collection view controller
Yahoo search sports news
Flickr search bamboo house

To search, say:
Cora search computer language evolution

Bing search real estate accounting
Ask search health air pollution
Thesaurus search action
Dictionary search corpus
YouTube search Miles Davis
Wolfram Alpha search equilateral triangle
Unicode character search tree

The Unicode character search command finds Emoji characters as well.

Note: Speech Commands are an In-App Purchase. To get the Speech Commands, choose Get Speech Commands in the File Commands menu.

Note: Be sure you have cellular or WiFi service turned on for the iPhone or iPad to use dictation and the speech commands feature. Check for the Dictation key (with the microphone icon) in the onscreen keyboard. If the key is there, then your device supports dictation. If the key is disabled, then your device is not connected to the internet via cellular or WiFi. If the key is enabled, then your device is able to use dictation.


We think this speech command technology is quite useful and we will be working to improve it by expanding the vocabulary and range of actions that can be performed.

The macOS version of TelepaText also provides a powerful set of speech commands. The speech commands are not necessarily synced between the iPhone iOS version and the macOS version.

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Speech commands in TelepaText macOS

TelepaText -

Speech Commands (an In-App Purchase) on macOS

Note: Use one of the words in brackets [ ] to complete a phrase. Replace the phrase in angle brackets with the desired phrase.

Navigate the documents window

[ Show | Hide ] documents


[ Parent | iCloud | Root ] folder

Say how many documents

Say the current folder

Say the document names

Text-to-Speech and Speech Commands

What can I say?

[ Display | open | show | view | close | hide ] Speech Reference

Speak text

Speak text and smooth scroll

Say the [ first | last | next | previous ] block

[ Sort | do not sort ] the speech commands

[ Hide | show ] the speech commands for windows

Make speech [ slower | faster ]

Make sentence delay [ longer | shorter ]

Turn feedback [ on | off ]

Turn line break delay [ on | off ]

Turn sentence delay [ on | off ]

Turn speak upon opening [ on | off ]

Navigate open documents

Say the open documents

Go to [ previous | next ] document

Rename document

Go to [ bottom | top ]

Move page [ up | down ]

Actions (on selected text)

[ Wikipedia | Web | Map ] search

Open URL

[ Mail | Twitter | Speak ] text

[ Evaluate | calculate ] [ text | selection ]

[ Show | display | get ] [ Word Usage | Word Types | Markdown ]

Clean up text

Document info


Search for [ text | selection ]

Find and replace

Find [ next | previous ]

Change the Display

Make [ text | font ] [ larger | smaller | very small | normal size | large | very large ]

View by [ name | date modified | date created | date opened | size | label ]

Smooth Scroll

[ Light | Dark ] style

[ More | Less ] transparent

Zoom window

Tile windows

Make window [ full screen | normal size | larger | smaller | taller | shorter | wider | narrower ]

Move window to [ left half | right half | top half | bottom half | center ]

Move window [ left | right | up | down ]

Make menu bar [ auto-hide | normal ]

[ Show | Open ] [ settings | preferences ]

Hide other applications

Show characters window

macOS Dictation on Yosemite and later also includes many additional dictation commands for editing and navigating text and more.

Alphabetical Listing

Dark style

Do not sort the speech commands

Document info

Find and replace

Find next

Find previous

Go to bottom

Go to next document

Go to previous document

Go to top

Hide other applications

Hide the documents

Hide the speech commands for windows

iCloud folder

Insert the speech commands listing

Less transparent

Light style

Mail text

Make menu bar auto-hide

Make menu bar normal

Make speech faster

Make speech slower

Make text huge

Make text large

Make text larger

Make text normal size

Make text small

Make text smaller

Make text tiny

Make window full screen

Make window larger

Make window narrower

Make window normal size

Make window shorter

Make window smaller

Make window taller

Make window wider

Map search

More transparent

Move window down

Move window left

Move window right

Move window to bottom half

Move window to center

Move window to left half

Move window to right half

Move window to top half

Move window up

Open Ideas and tasks

Open URL

Parent folder

Rename document

Root folder

Say how many documents

Say the current directory

Say the current folder

Say the document info

Say the document names

Say the documents

Say the first block

Say the last block

Say the next block

Say the open documents

Say the previous block

Search for selection

Search for text

Show characters window

Show the documents

Show the speech commands for windows

Show the speech reference window

Smooth scroll

Sort the speech commands

Speak text

Speak text and smooth scroll

Tile windows

Twitter text

View by date created

View by date modified

View by date opened

View by label

View by name

View by size

Web search

What can I say?

Wikipedia search

Zoom Window

Set up speech commands

To get the speech commands module for TelepaText, choose Purchase Speech Commands Module in the File menu. Once you get the speech commands installed you are ready to go.

Choose Listen For Speech Commands in the File menu to turn on the Speech Commands module.

Choose Start Dictation in the Edit menu to turn on OS X's dictation features as well.

Choose Speech Reference in the Window menu to view phrases you can say that are specific to TelepaText.

Say "Show Commands" to view the system's Dictation Commands reference window.

Speech commands provide ways to choose TelepaText actions, open documents, move, resize, zoom and tile windows, change the text size, sort the document listing, change the view settings, get information about a document, and more.

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