How to do web searches with Speech Commands in TelepaText

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Learn some TelepaText app Speech Commands and how to use them for doing a variety of fast web searches on iPhone and iPad.

Learn how to perform various searches on the web using special speech commands in the TelepaText app. The TelepaText iPhone / iPad app adds unique speech command functionality, expanding on functions provided by Apple's #Siri voice-powered assistant.

Note: Speech Commands are an In-App Purchase in the TelepaText app.

To get the Speech Commands

To get the Speech Commands module for TelepaText, open the File Commands view in the document listing view, and choose Get Speech Commands.
The TelepaText In-App Store appears.
Tap the price button to purchase the Speech Commands module.
The description includes the Speech Commands Reference which displays the phrase grammer to perform speech commands in TelepaText.

Learn the Speech Commands phrase grammar.

The phrase grammar is the set of sentences and variations that TelepaText recognizes.
Take a look at the Speech Commands Reference to learn how the phrase grammar works.
To open the Speech Commands Reference, tap the Actions button at the top of the document editing view and choose Speech Commands Reference.
The reference view will start scrolling automatically so one can read it over without any manual scrolling.
After the Reference section is a How To section.
Possible variations in a given speech command phrase are indicated by lists of possible words or phrases in square brackets, each item separated by a vertical bar.
Use one of the words or phrases in square brackets [ ] to complete a phrase.
Replace the subphrase in angle brackets < > with the desired subphrase.
For example: This command in the Speech Commands Reference has three variations. Use one of the words in square brackets. The variations are Change style, Dark style, and Light style.

How to search the web with TelepaText Speech Commands

First open a new document in the TelepaText app. Tap the menu icon in the top left of the document listing view.
Tap New iCloud Document and a new document is created and opened.
If the keyboard is not open, tap the blue microphone button in the toolbar at the bottom of the document view. The keyboard will slide up into view.
Tap the microphone button on the keyboard to dictate a search phrase. The keyboard will change to the voice input view with the audio input signal.
Speak the phrase and then tap Done.
For example, say Wikipedia search Great Lakes.
The app will perform the search on the web using the specific domain.
The search phrase text will be removed from the document.

Example search phrases for specific domains

Wikipedia search Impressionism
Wikipedia search New York City

To return to the TelepaText app, tap TelepaText in the status bar at the top.

Let's try another search.

Tap the microphone key in the keyboard.

Map search Denver Colorado
YouTube search New Orleans Jazz
Flickr search chameleon
Yahoo search Apple Watch
Google image search top movies
Google image search 1960's poster art
Bing search Seattle Washington
Ask search diabetes
Unicode character search bicycle
Apple developer search swift closure
Quora search solar power prices
Google news search health care prices
Google book search Thomas Paine
EBay search adult tricycle
Web M.D. search wheat diet
Pub Med search sugar digestion
Health Finder search balance exercises
Health Line search balance exercises
Twitter search speech commands iPhone app

The TelepaText iPhone/iPad app adds unique speech command functionality, expanding on functions provided by Apple's #Siri voice-powered assistant.

Get TelepaText for iPhone or iPad on the App Store.

Get TelepaText for macOS on the Mac App Store.

The Speech Commands are an In-App Purchase
Get more info about TelepaText and Speech Commands at our web site:

Current set of TelepaText search speech commands

[ Wikipedia | Web | Map ] search (phrase)
[Google image | Flickr | Yahoo | Bing | Ask ] search (phrase)
[ Thesaurus | Dictionary | Wolfram Alpha | Apple developer ] search (phrase)
[ YouTube | Cora | Unicode character ] search (phrase)
[ Google news | Google books | Twitter | EBay ] search (phrase)
[ Web M.D. | Pub Med | Health Finder | Health Line ] search (phrase)
Internet movie database search (phrase)

Choose one of the sub-phrases in square brackets, and replace (phrase) with the desired phrase.

See for details on the Speech Commands for TelepaText for iPhone, iPad, and macOS.

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TelepaText iPhone app adds unique speech command functionality, expanding on Apple's #Siri voice-powered assistant.


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