The TelepaText Concept:

Ubiquitous, straight-forward text editing, with powerful commands for essential research and note taking functions, various search functions and a focused Full Screen mode.

Text-to-speech, dictation, speech commands, and speech feedback, all play an important role in TelepaText. We've also innovated the Actions features with many new actions and future expandability.

Window styles integrate your writing experience aesthetically with your desktop photos. The Dark Style is great for reading and editing in dark environments.

Text is part of our collective telepathic experience. We are reading and writing each other's minds as we read and write text, sharing knowledge, wisdom, notes, collections, and referencing and interlinking our ideas with sharing, links, addresses, dates, and phone numbers.

TelepaText helps you work with collections of text documents, research a word or phrase, look up an address on a map, share a bit of information, or listen to the text while you work on other projects.

On OS X, use TelepaText to read and write while seeing through your text window to photos, images, or other activity happening in the background on your desktop. Text editing is made an enjoyable experience in TelepaText.

About the Icon

The TelepaText app icon uses horizontal broken lines to represent text, but we added a bit of meaning to that abstraction. We selected ䷟ (☳ over ☴), 恆 (héng), hexagram 32, for it's attributes: the persevering it takes to develop interesting apps, especially in the context of rapidly evolving technology, and wind and thunder as elements of cloud-based and internet communications.

(䷟) - (☳ over ☴)
恆 (héng), hexagram 32

Hexagram 32 is named 恆 (héng), "Persevering". Other variations include "duration" and "constancy". Its inner trigram is ☴ (巽 xùn) ground = (風) wind, and its outer trigram is ☳ (震 zhèn) shake = (雷) thunder. character: ䷟.
Unicode name: Hexagram for Duration.
See also Bagua.

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