Research tools in TelepaText

Use these actions for research and sharing. The keyboard shortcuts work on Mac OS X computers, and on iPhone and iPad if a Bluetooth keyboard is connected to the device.

Wikipedia: Search for the selected phrase. Shift-Command W. ⇧⌘

Search the web for the selected text. Shift-Command E. ⇧⌘

Lookup an address in the Maps app. Shift-Command M. ⇧⌘

1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA.

Data detectors also activate actions for addresses, phone numbers and dates, for example, contact Imaja at (510) 526-4621.

Open URL into the web browser. Shift-Command O. ⇧⌘
Example URL:

E-mail a document or selected text. Shift-Command A. ⇧⌘

Tweet: Send selected text as a tweet on the Twitter social media service. Shift-Command T. ⇧⌘

Speak: Have the computer device speak the document from the current insertion point, or speak the selected text. Shift-Command K. ⇧⌘

Stop Speaking. Command K. ⌘

Document information: the number of characters, words, paragraphs, and the date modified. Shift-Command I. ⇧⌘

Evaluate: return the result of evaluating the selected mathematical expression. Shift-Command ⇧⌘ V

Sort Lines: alphabetically sort the lines in the selected text. Shift-Command ⇧⌘ R

Change the Display Style. Light and Dark options are available.
Light Style: Shift-Command L. ⇧⌘
Dark Style: Shift-Command D. ⇧⌘

Change the text size in the editor:
Larger text: Command = ⌘. or spread with two fingers.
Smaller text: Command hyphen. ⌘ - or pinch with two fingers.

Actions can be chosen with a keyboard shortcut, or with one or two taps on a button or menu.

Many additional tools for research and productivity can be found in the Speech Commands for TelepaText (an In-App purchase).


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