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Support and Customer Service

Tel: (510) 526-4621
E-mail: support@imaja.com
Telephone support is available from 10am-6pm, Monday through Friday, Pacific Time.


Speak News reads your current news stories with text-to-speech, and provides eyes-free control with earphones remote Speak News - RSS news reader with text-to-speech, eyes-free control with earphones remote, for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Perspectiva - Graphic Calendars and Time ChartsPerspectiva - Graphic Calendars and Time Charts for iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

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Perspectiva - Graphic Calendars and Time ChartsCalReader - Readability, Filtering, Time Calculations and Text Export for iCal and CalDAV Calendars for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

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Perspectiva - Graphic Calendars and Time ChartsTaskInsight - essential task management with table and timeline views, priorities, labels, colors, styles for Mac OS X

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TelepaText - text editing tools for iPhone, iPad, OS XTelepaText - text editing tools for iPhone, iPad, OS X

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Frequently Asked Questions


Many Imaja software products have electronic manuals that can be accessed with Command-?, the Help command, while running that application.


Check our Upgrades page for current versions.