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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I link other calendar accounts to Perspectiva?
Visit CalReader FAQ: How to Set Up Calendar Accounts on iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch to learn how to set up additional calendars such as Google Calendar/Gmail, Yahoo Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Aol., Microsoft Hotmail, CalDAV and Subscription calendars.
I'm having problems syncing with Yahoo calendar in iPhone and iPad. I can see everything as read only but I can't add anything.
When we developed and tested CalReader and Perspectiva we had no problems, but it seems there are intermittent transient problems with syncing with Yahoo calendar. Here are our extensive notes on solutions for Perspectiva, CalReader's big sister app: Perspectiva FAQ: Yahoo Calendar Sync.
Can CalReader search any more than one year?
Yes. Use the Settings > Filter > Starts and Ends dates to set the range of events you want to search. A larger time span might produce a large number of events to be searched, so searching may take longer in that case.
How can I change the colors of the calendars?
Use iCal or Calendar on your Mac OS X machine to customize the colors of the calendars, and then resync your device. You might also be interested in Imaja's related product, Perspectiva, calendar app with many views and customizability.
Does this app take advantage of both iPad and iPhone displays (i.e. Retina, HD)?
Yes. Text, graphics and background images are rendered at the resolution of the device. There are also some differences in layout and size adjustments between the iPhone and iPad, mainly to account for the smaller iPhone screen and readability.

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