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Bliss Saver

Imaja Bliss Saver

Imaja's amazing animation toy
and screen saver
for Mac OS

Bliss Saver: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I get Bliss Saver to respond to music from the built-in CD player or from the microphone?

  • Open the Monitors and Sound control panel from the Apple menu. Click the Sound icon to display the sound controls. Choose CD in the Sound Monitoring Source menu. (If you are using your microphone to get the sound from your stereo, then choose External Mic.) Open the Color Synthesizer window in Bliss Saver when Sound Input is turned on. You should see a black color table if no sound is coming in. Sound triggers the brightness in the color table at the left end and the colors slide through to the right.

Is Bliss Saver compatible with Mac OS X?

  • Bliss Saver will be difficult if not impossible to port to Mac OS X with the current user interface and animation model. Mac OS X requires a monitor setting of Thousands or Millions of Colors for the Finder and applications to display of its drop shadows and other effects. Bliss Paint requires the monitor to be set to 256 colors for its color table animation technology. You need to startup your computer in Mac OS 9, Mac OS 8 or System 7 to run Bliss Paint. If you have Mac OS X running, then use the System Preferences:Startup Disk to restart with Mac OS 9.

Is Bliss Saver compatible with Mac OS 8.5 and Mac OS 8.6?

  • There is an occasional crash with the Application Switcher (the tear-off application menu from the upper right of the menu bar). Disable the Application Switcher in your Extensions Manager control panel to avoid this problem. These problem seems to be solved with Mac OS 9.

Is Bliss Saver compatible with older Macintosh models?

  • Yes. The Bliss Saver application is a 'fat' application, compatible with both 68K-based and PPC-based Macintosh models. It will even run on the Macintosh Plus!

How do I create my own animations?

  • Use Bliss Paint , the full-featured Bliss animation authoring tool and live-performance system.

Is there a Windows versions?

  • No, Bliss Saver is Macintosh only. It would be a major task to port Bliss Paint because of the difference in graphics toolboxes. Imaja is more productive in enhancing its line of Macintosh products.

Is there anything like Bliss Saver for Windows?

For general information about Bliss Saver, see the Bliss Saver web page. For information about Bliss Paint see the Bliss Paint web page.