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Bliss Saver

Imaja Bliss Saver

Imaja's amazing animation toy
and screen saver
for Mac OS

Bliss Saver Images

These are snapshots of animations from Imaja’s Bliss Saver screen saver. In Bliss Saver itself, the colors flow in mesmerizing patterns as the shapes are layered in complex evolving sequences.

Download the Bliss Saver demo version or order now. It takes a while to download, but it’s worth the wait! As you can see, the colors are gorgeous, and there’s a great range of variation, from chaos to order, symmetry and asymmetry, light and dark, intense and mellow. You should really get Bliss Saver on your own screen for the full experience! ...hope you have a Mac OS computer... :-)

Kaleidoscope pop
Autumn color chaos
Neon green and rose
Striped molten flow
Meditation forms
Dark electric blue marble
Dark veils of green
Melting tree form
Hot molten flow
Scattered globes Gray microbes Green microbes
Complex mandala Warm mandala fans

Copyright © 1993-2012 Imaja, All rights reserved.