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Bliss Saver

Imaja Bliss Saver

Imaja's amazing animation toy
and screen saver
for Mac OS

Bliss Saver: User Quotes

These are actual quotes from Bliss Saver users!

  • I'm really fascinated by your Bliss program... My sincere congratulations for a great piece of work. Brian E., London, England
  • This is a fantastic program! Teri B., Burlington, New Jersey
  • Just a note to let you know that the updated Bliss Saver continues to amaze and mesmerize all who fall under its spell. Why would anyone want to look at fake fish when they can bliss out at the click of a mouse? ... Many thanks for a truly fun product. Erich S.
  • Best screen saver I've seen, by far! Steve M., San Luis Obispo, California
  • You've got a great product that blows away any other screen saver out there. Sam H., e-mail message
  • Beautiful images--keep 'em comin'!! Pete G., Austin, Texas
  • It is the best screen saver I've seen until now. Bernard, Germany
  • Thanks, love the Bliss, the Bliss is good! Jeff S.
  • Very very very wonderful! Good! Gooood! Thank you!!!! Matsumoto H., Japan
  • Love it! It's art-- visual equivalent to music--dream made real--thanks. Norman B., California
  • I recently read that screensavers are the second most purchased business software--Imaja will make it first! Jamie U.
  • Your product is dazzling-- I didn't know I needed more than After Dark until I saw it! Thanks! Patricia M.
  • This is wonderful. The graphics with co-processor are amazing. Thank you. Nona J., Seattle, Washington
  • Great stuff! I want Bliss Paint! Marshall C., Phoenicia, New York
  • Right on! I stare at them... I can't get any work done. Brian B., Tokyo, Japan
  • I downloaded your Bliss Saver Demo last week... I LOVE It! It is the best SS I have ever seen. I bought the Original.. damn it is one amazing program. The keyboard synthesizer is great. This is the only screen saver I have ever actually watched. I just kick back in my chair, listen to some Steve Vai or Pink Floyd, and watch. Thanks. Arpeggio V, e-mail message
  • This is a dream come true. Robin L., Berkeley, California
  • It is truly great! Vicki R.
  • My Mac is now transformed into a source of constant inspiration-- I love it! Brett N., Middletown, Ohio
  • This is by far the best pattern generator I've seen--thanks! Martin A., West Hollywood, California
  • Overall finish & attention to detail equaled/surpassed that of larger co's. Christopher M., Richmond, Virginia
  • I love the randomness of the totally awesome patterns. Aline G., Austin, Texas
  • I love this program... I won't give it up like I did "After Dark"! Robert S., Citrus Heights, California
  • I LOVE Bliss Saver! The most fascinating screen saver I've ever seen. John S., Los Angeles, California
  • Every once in a while there's an epiphany--you think Yes! Yes! Yes!--as colors and shapes and movement all correspond in some surprising way. In fact these epiphanies come in two flavors. One is a feeling of harmony, correspondence, tranquility, grace, as if you never knew a VDT could look so darn "tasteful." The other is ecstatic, electric, riotous, as if you never knew your computer could look like it was about to explode without it actually doing so. Roy S., San Anselmo, California
  • It kinda makes me feel sorry for those who pay $$ for After Dark, etc. If it had been available in the late '60's, I'm not sure that I would have ever stopped watching it. Rick N., e-mail message
  • Fantastic program. Nancy D., Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Nice work! Les M., Fairfax, California
  • Excellent product. Fantastic video graphics. Neal P., Cloverdale, California
  • It's mesmerizing! Dena P., Los Angeles, California
  • I just wanted to say that I greatly enjoy Bliss Saver, and find some of the art it produces among my favorite. Jonathan, e-mail message