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A Collection of Animations for Bliss Saver and Bliss Paint

Bliss Gallery is a large collection of exquisite animations for the Bliss Saver and Bliss Paint software. These animations combine liquid colors that transform from the sublime to the riotous, from cold metallic to warm earth tones. Shapes and colors flow in soothing motion in combinations that will amaze and intrigue you. Relaxing images for your eyes, Bliss Paintings are like a leisurely walk through an exotic flower garden. Each painting evolves over a minimum of 15 minutes into an image of ever-increasing complexity, yet is different every time. Spatial and motion illusions will fill you with mystery and wonder. Conduct the real-time synthesis of color that flows through the animations from the Macintosh keyboard, a MIDI instrument, or with sound input*. Create endless combinations of color effects such as stripes, subtle blends, textures, bright hues, pastels, and muted tones, or let the Bliss Gallery animations generate their own colors. Bliss Paintings use Imaja's innovative color and image synthesis technology available in the Bliss Saver screen saver and the Bliss Paint animated painting software.

* MIDI and sound input may require an update to Bliss Saver.

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  • Includes special animations for inclusion of your logo or other PICT files
  • Includes animations designed for 24-bit color mode
  • Create PICT files for other programs
  • Use for multimedia backgrounds, texture mapping, and more
  • Paintings can be edited with Bliss Paint
  • Requires Bliss Saver or Bliss Paint for viewing
  • Requires color Macintosh
  • Mac OS 9, Mac OS 8, System 7 and PowerMac compatible
  • Requires 256-color (8-bit) monitor for color animation

Sample Bliss Images

$19.95. Order with a check or money order to: Imaja, 1244 Hearst Ave. #7, Berkeley, CA 94702 USA (order form) or order online with MasterCard or VISA. Call for site license pricing.
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Bliss Gallery: 19.95

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Last updated March 18, 2003.