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Organic/digital screen saver animations and Bliss Paint plug-ins

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Space Garden Meditations™ is a beautiful set of screen saver animations, as well as a set of plug-ins for Bliss Paint. Watch a garden of computer generated plant shapes create rich layers of organic form and texture. Also included are other computer-generated shapes such as spirals and cloth patterns. You will be amazed at the hours of new eye-catching animations to explore. Even on a 256-color monitor, these animations use millions of colors, generated by the innovative Bliss color synthesizer.

Space Garden Meditations animations are interactive; you can trigger beautiful color effects using the typewriter keyboard, MIDI input, or sound input.

The plug-in software was created by Sara Frucht, the creator of the Geometric Bliss package of Bliss Paint plug-ins. A new collection of dazzling animations by Greg Jalbert showcases the new plug-in graphics algorithms. The Bliss Saver screen saver software includes many other shapes and image processing effects that are used to create constantly evolving compositions.

Space Garden Meditations includes the Bliss Saver screen saver engine and can be used as a stand-alone package.

Bliss Paint owners will be thrilled to incorporate these organic shape generators into their animations. In Bliss Paint 2.0, each module has a set of controls for composing variations in form and animation behaviour. (Bliss Paint is the animation authoring system used to create the Space Garden Animations).

New version Space Garden Meditations 2.3.2, available now.

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Space Garden Meditations (CD-ROM delivery): $49.95
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Space Garden Meditations Upgrade (E-mail delivery, no shipping charge): $20.00.
(Available to registered users.)

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