Imaja: Authorization FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Challenge/Authorization for Imaja software

Imaja software is generally licensed for single users and authorized for use on one machine. Please contact for information about multiple-user licenses and discounts.

Before running the Imaja software, it should be installed in the Applications (Mac OS 9) folder of the Mac OS 9 startup disk.

We recommend that you use the Extensions Manager control panel in the System Folder:Control Panels folder to restart your computer after setting the Selected Set to the Mac OS 9 Base set of extensions. This will prevent any virus checking software from interfering with the installation and challenge/authorization process. After installing/authorization the Imaja software, be sure to set your Extensions Manager set back to your preferred set.

Do not run Imaja software from a CD-ROM or other removable media.

If your system has multiple volumes or hard disks, be sure to install the Imaja software in the Applications (Mac OS 9) folder of the Mac OS 9 startup disk.

Be sure you only have one copy of the Imaja software application on your hard drive. When there are multiple copies/versions, double-clicking an application document to open it doesn't let you control which application version gets opened. This decision is made arbitrarily by the Finder.

Imaja software will generate a machine-specific challenge code in a Challenge Msg. file on the desktop when it first runs on a new computer. This challenge message file should be e-mailed to Imaja will generate the corresponding authorization/registration code and e-mail it back to you.

Imaja recommends using copy and paste to put the authorization code into the Registration dialog.

Imaja software can be used without the authorization code for a grace-period of 5 days, simply click OK in Registration dialog; after that the authorization code is required.

If the grace-period is over and the software has not been authorized, some features will be disabled, such as Open, Save, Print, Export, Import.

A clean install of a Mac OS system will clear the authorization for an Imaja software program and it will need to be reauthorized.

Renaming the startup disk or changing the system user name will break the current authorization, so it is recommended to keep these after installing Imaja software.

To force Imaja software to generate a new challenge message for your machine, trash the associated Imaja software Preferences file (such as ProtoFont Preferences) in the System Folder:Preferences folder. If your software is already authorized and working, you should not do this.

The behavior of the Imaja software challenge/authorization system is subject to change. Imaja is planning on streamlining this so users have fewer problems maintaining authorization.

Last updated: 2003-05-02
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