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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way for me to determine what features come with the app, and what features are extras that require additional purchases?
All features described on the TaskInsight web pages and video introduction video are included in the app except for the Speech Commands feature (an in-app purchase), at this time. Other features may be added to the full version or as in-app purchases in the future. Updates to the app are free at this time.
How can I find details about new features added to TaskInsight?
Visit the TaskInsight Update History page for details about new features and other changes.
Is it possible to order [sort] tasks by creation date?
Tasks can be sorted by dates (Start, Due, Completed, Created, Modified) in both the List and Timeline views. See this screenshot to see the Sort menu. Sorting can also be done by clicking the column headers in the List view. Several useful combination sort commands are provided. Combination sorting is also performed by choosing single sort options in sequence.
Can the timelines be published to a web page?
In TaskInsight 3 or later, use the Export Timeline as HTML5 Canvas command in the File menu. You can also create and distribute timelines as PDF files through the Print command.
How do I duplicate an item?
Use the Duplicate ( Command(⌘)-D ) command in TaskInsight 3 or later. In earlier versions of TaskInsight, select the item in the List view, choose Copy (⌘-C) and then choose Paste (⌘-V).
Does TaskInsight support AppleScript?
Yes, in TaskInsight 3 or later, AppleScript can be used to change properties of TaskInsight documents and tasks, and create tasks. Visit the TaskInsight AppleScript page to get more information and download scripts.
How do I show the day name (Mon, Tues, etc.) in the timeline view?
In the Apple menu, open System Preferences > Language & Text > Formats > Dates > Customize and use the dialog to set the Short date format.
How do I set the start of week as Monday (European style)?
In the Apple menu, open System Preferences > Language & Text > Formats > Dates and use the First day of week menu to select the desired day.
How do I hide the Recent window upon opening the app?
TaskInsight remembers the state of the Recent window and the Recent Documents command in the Window menu toggles the visibility of the Recent window.
Is there a demo version or a video demo of TaskInsight?
No. Imaja would like to produce a TaskInsight demo version and a video demo, but for now the features page and the large slide show is the best presentation. Almost all of the features, views, buttons, menus, controls, etc. are displayed there. Please check out the large slide show in combination with the TaskInsight Help for more details on the features in TaskInsight.
How do I create repeating tasks (once weekly, etc.)
TaskInsight currently has no mechanism to automate repeating tasks.
How stable is TaskInsight? Does it crash?
While crashes have been reported in earlier versions, Imaja worked immediately and diligently to resolve crashes. The current version 3.7.1 is very stable has no known crash bugs. We recommend reporting crashes to for the best results. Please do not report crashes on the Customer Reviews page of the Mac App Store; instead, report them via E-mail support below.

Requires macOS 10.12 Sierra, Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, or 10.7 Lion. TaskInsight is a trademark of Imaja. Copyright © 2011-2017 Imaja. All Rights Reserved.
Mac OS X is a trademark of Apple Computer.

Current Version: TaskInsight 3.8.2

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