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Current version:

Version 3.9.2: 2017-08-29
New Shift Time options and a bug fix:
• Added options for 1, 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes in Edit: Shift Time menu.
• Fixed a bug where dragging tasks in the Timeline view was setting the duration of tasks to zero.

Version 3.9.1: 2017-07-27
New features and a bug fix:
• New menu command: Show Gridlines in Timeline, in the View menu.
• New speech commands*:
Skip [forward | backward] [five | ten] tasks
* Speech Commands are in In-App Purchase
• Tile windows now works on the set of windows that are visible on the current desktop Space, so you can have different sets of documents tiled on each desktop Space. To learn how to use desktop spaces, search for Mission Control in Mac Help in the Help menu. (Document windows are not currently restored to their assigned desktop Spaces upon restarting the TaskInsight app.)
• Tile windows now works properly when any document windows are in full screen mode, only tiling windows that are not in full screen mode.

Version 3.9: 2017-05-02

New Speech Commands and new Import Folder feature:
• New speech commands *
◦ What can I say?
◦ Set [start | due] date to [now | today | tomorrow | next week | next month | next year]
◦ Say [label | status | priority | percent done | task details]
◦ Set [start | due] time to (number) [AM | PM]
See Speech Commands in TaskInsight Help, in the Help menu at the top of the screen, for more details.
* Speech Commands are in In-App Purchase
• Import Folder to create a timeline of files in the selected folder (and all subfolders). The task text is set the file name and the task label is set to the selected folder name. The task created and modifed dates are set to the corresponding dates of the files in the folder. Use this to create and view a timeline of files. In the Timeline view, the start date of the task bar is the creation date of the file, and the end date of the task bar is the last modified date of the file.

Version 3.8.4: 2017-04-11

New speech commands and window configuration commands
• New speech commands *
Switch between open documents by specifying first, next or previous:
◦ Go to [first | next | previous] document
Start and stop editing fields for the selected row in the List view by specifying first, next or previous:
◦ Edit [first | next | previous] field
◦ Stop editing
* Speech commands are an In-App Purchase.
• Press option to choose Hide/Show All Toolbars or Hide/Show All Status Bars in the View menu.
Sometimes you need to hide all the controls in the toolbars on all task lists and focus on evaluating tasks for prioritization. Use Hide All Toolbars, Hide All Status Bars, and Tile Windows to focus on the tasks.

Version 3.8.3: 2017-03-21

Bug fix:
• When viewing a Search filtered task list, the text completion menu for the label field now includes all labels used in the task document.

Version 3.8.2: 2017-01-30

Minor new features and bug fixes:
• New Speech Commands:
Show tasks completed [today | yesterday]
[Show | hide] speech reference
• Bug fixes in Speech Commands handling.
(Speech commands are an In-App Purchase)
• If a single task status is set to Done when using Auto-sort, then the task list is sorted and the selection is maintained in the same position in the list.
• The first editible field is now selected for keyboard editing upon creating a new task.
• Updated TaskInsight Help content.

Version 3.8.1: 2016-10-22

New features:
• New options in Timeline view: Show End Dates in Timeline, and Show Durations in Timeline.
• Updated Date Picker and Timeline Task Text Editor to popover views.
• Snap Time to Grid (in Document Settings): Quantize the start and end time of a task to nearest interval in minutes: 60, 30, 15, 5, 1 when dragging to a new time in the Timeline view.
• Snap Time to Grid value (minutes) is displayed in status bar at the bottom of the Timeline view if Snap to Grid is on in Document Settings.
Bug fixes:
• Copy Visible Columns works in the Timeline view.
• Fixed AppleScript access to task status property.
• Window transparency is now saved with and restored from documents.

Version 3.8: 2015-10-30

• Powerful new Combination Search provides multiple search terms for more specific queries of task documents.
• New Tile Windows command in Windows menu makes working with multiple task documents easier.

Combination searches

Combination searches include 2 or more search terms separated by &&, such as:

priority=1 && status=0

label=feature && status=0 && start=2015-11

To perform a combination search, enter two or more of the following items separated by &&:



priority=1 && status=0
priority=2 && due=2015
priority=1 && due=2015-11
priority=1 && created=2015
priority=1 && created=2014
label=feature && status=0 && start=2015-11
label=bug && status=0
label=bug && status=1
label=bug && status=1 && start=2015-10

Tasks will only match a search for completed=SomeDate if the task is completed (status=1).

Version 3.7.2: 2015-10-22

• Much more responsive and accurate drag rescheduling of tasks in Timeline view.
• Added color to App Speech Commands reference to clarify phrase structure.
• Follow Imaja on Twitter: @acornplanter : http://twitter.com/acornplanter for updates, tips and related apps.

Version 3.7.1: 2015-05-11

• Speed improvement: Optimized Timeline view updates for faster and more responsive scrolling and zooming in documents with large numbers of tasks.
• Bug fix for time quantization of dragging tasks in Timeline view.

Version 3.7: 2015-03-18

New features:
• Added floating transparent strip of time grid labels at top of Timeline view, so grid labels are now always visible while scrolling.
• New AppleScript "Reschedule Tasks Sequentially From First Task" added to Sample AppleScript scripts for TaskInsight available at http://imaja.com/taskinsight/applescript.html

Version 3.6.2: 2015-03-10

Fixed bug: App Speech Commands reference window was not properly initialized.

Version 3.6.1: 2015-02-11

Fixed bug: DatePicker default background color appeared black and text was unreadable on recent OS X update.

Version 3.6: 2015-01-30

iCloud Drive support, new speech commands, and bug fixes.
• Added support for iCloud Drive on Yosemite OS X 10.10, also supporting iCloud on Mavericks OS X 10.9, 10.8 and 10.7.
• Added menu command Hide Status Bar to hide and show the status bar at the bottom of task documents. Keyboard shortcut: Option-Shift-Command S.
• New speech commands (an In-App Purchase) added to Speech Commands module: Zoom In More, Zoom Out More, Say selected tasks.
• Added command "Listen For Speech Commands" with keyboard shortcut Shift-Option-Command-L. This lets background audio such as iTunes continue to play while working with TaskInsight. When listening for Speech Commands, background audio will be muted.
• Display multi-line task text as a single line in Timeline view.
• New app icon, modernized, simplified, luminous.
• Fixed bug where sometimes the label was not saved if event was created and edited in the Timeline view.
• Updated Spotlight Importer. Use Spotlight to search for text in TaskInsight documents in the Finder or in a TaskInsight Open dialog.

Version 3.5: 2014-08-13

New speech commands, Open URLs in Selected Tasks command, improved Timeline zooming, pinch and spread zooming and text resizing, AppleScript scripts, and bug fixes.
• Speech Commands in TaskInsight let you control TaskInsight with your voice. You can operate on tasks, listen to tasks and information about your task list, hands-free and eyes-free. Many functions are faster and easier to perform with speech commands than using a trackpad, mouse or keyboard shortcuts.
• New speech commands include: Say existing labels, Show existing labels, Search for label , Open , Say start date, Say due date, Say completed date, Say created date, Say modified date.
• Some speech commands are contextual and are available depending on if any documents are open, if tasks are selected, and which view is visible: Timeline or List view.
• The App Speech Commands window displays a compact reference to the speech commands.
• The information view about Speech Commands module available as an In App Purchase will be displayed at least once for this new version on each machine. We recommend getting it. Speech Commands in TaskInsight let you perform many operations with your voice more quickly than choosing commands from a menu or with keyboard shortcuts.
• Information about the new Speech Commands system is at imaja.com/taskinsight/speechcommands.html
• New "Open URLs in Selected Tasks" command in the View menu (Shift-Command-O) will open all web and local urls in the task text of selected tasks. Tasks can also be created by dragging a web URL or a local document to the List view.
• Greatly improved automatic column resizing in List view when adding, removing or modifying date/time columns.
• Timeline zooming stays focused on the beginning of selected tasks.
• Use pinch and spread touch gestures on a trackpad for Timeline zooming and List view text resizing.
• After changing the search, an auto-sort is performed if the auto-sort option is on, and the view is scrolled to the current date/time.
• More Transparency and Less Transparency commands added to Window menu.
• The AppleScript scripts collection has been reorganized by functionality.
• New AppleScript "Reschedule Tasks Sequentially" added to Sample AppleScript scripts for TaskInsight available at imaja.com/taskinsight/applescript.html
• Fixed bug with internal task selection flags used by AppleScript interface.
• Please contact Imaja via and give us feedback, bug reports, suggestions.
• Follow Imaja tweets at twitter.com/acornplanter

More info on new speech commands in version 3.5 >

Version 3.4.1: 2014-06-30

New animation, features and bug fixes.
• Updated list of available Speech Commands in In App Purchase Store window.
• Added animation on List view operations such as Cut, Paste, Paste Text Lines As Tasks, Undo.
• Improved behavior of Paste in List view when Auto-Sort is turned off: New tasks are added before the selection.
• Modernize toolbar icons with thin style. Looks better on Retina screens.
• Bug fix for uninitialized string.
• Properly center In App Purchase Store window on screen.

Version 3.4: 2014-06-09

New Speech Commands, new commands, improved behaviors, moderized icons, bug fixes:
• Added commands to contextual menu for tasks: Set Start Date to Now, Delete.
• List and Timeline views now scroll to top after changing the search text.
• The open/closed state of the Document Settings drawer is restored when a task document is opened.
• Modernized icons for toolbar.
• Modifed Print, Settings and Help toolbar buttons so they don't get accidentally triggered by noise when using Speech Commands.
• Added several more speech commands to Speech Commands Module 1 (an In-App Purchase). Visit Speech Commands for more info.
• Bug fixes.

Version 3.3: 2014-05-08

• New speech commands to control TaskInsight.
Speech Commands Module 1 provides speech control for various actions, including task selection, speaking, setting priorities and status, sorting, and other actions. The speech control uses the Mac OS X Speakable Items system (in System Preferences / Accessibility). See Speech Commands. Speech Commands Module 1 is an In App Purchase. To purchase the Speech Commands module, choose Purchase Additional Features in the File menu.
• New command in Edit menu: Copy as Speakable Text.
Copy as Speakable Text puts a copy of the selected tasks on the Clipboard formatted for the Text to Speech capability of Mac OS X, including pauses between tasks for better comprehension. Paste this text into TextEdit, choose Select All, and choose Add to iTunes as a Spoken Track in the TextEdit > Services submenu. Choose the desired voice, an appropriate filename, and a location. This adds a track to iTunes with the spoken text. Within iTunes, the various tags such as Artist, Album, Genre, etc. can be set for the spoken text track in the Get Info view. These tracks can be synced to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad for listening while away from your desktop computer.

Version 3.2.1: 2014-03-04

• Fixed bug that slowed down text editing in task list view.
• Tool-tip task descriptions now display the task time only if Show Time With Dates is turned on.

Version 3.2: 2013-11-20

New search feature, Timeline view features, and bug fixes:
• To search for dates, enter a date in the Search field in the current format used in the List view date columns or Timeline view event dates. This format can be changed in the System Preferences: Language & Text: Region: Date: Customize sheet.
• To drag the selected events in the Timeline view, press Command to just drag the events. Pressing Command overrides any checking for other event clicking activities, such as dragging just the start or end time, or getting the text or date popup editors. With the Command key down, it is not necessary to click and drag on any particular event to drag.
• For short events in the Timeline view: Press the option key to drag just the end time of an event in the Timeline view. Use option-shift to drag just the start time.
• Improved grid labels for days of the week in Timeline view.
• Bug fix for missing grid lines in some situations in Timeline view.
• Bug fix for Go To Today in Timeline view.

Version 3.1.5: 2013-07-24

New user interface improvements, keyboard shortcuts, bug fixes:
• New faster behavior: A secondary click (or right-click or control-click with a mouse) on a task in the List view selects the clicked task at the same time, and displays the contextual menu where you can select a new priority, status, or percent done for the task. Changing these task attributes this way only takes two clicks.
• The Sort menu is now one of the main menus in the menu bar. It used to be a submenu in the View menu. This provides much faster and easier mouse or trackpad access to the many sort combinations.
• Added two new combination sort commands for faster performance of two useful task list sorts: by Label, Priority, Status, and by Start Date, Priority, Status.
• Added several new keyboard shortcuts for the various combination sorts in the Sort menu.
• New hi-resolution Retina images for toolbar buttons.
• Bug fix: Show Task Details in Tooltips and other settings in Preferences are now correctly saved and restored.
• Took out support for Automatic Termination and Sudden Termination.

Version 3.1.6: 2013-07-31

• Improved iCloud behavior when editing the same TaskInsight document on multiple machines. List or Timeline views, font settings, search text and the sort state are all updated dynamically on different machine's screens as an iCloud document is updated. The delay between iCloud updates is typically about 11 seconds under ideal network conditions.
• Fixed bug: Copy and paste of tasks between documents now works correctly when time formats are different.

Version 3.1.4: 2013-05-28

• New feature: To select which columns should be visible in the List view, control-click or right-click on the column headers and choose the desired columns in the popup contextual menu.
• Task document views are now properly updated across machines that are editing the same TaskInsight document. These updates should happen moments after changes on a version of the document are saved. iCloud in TaskInsight works with Mac OS X 10.7 and later.
• Fixed a possible crash when multiple machines editing the same iCloud document refresh the view after a window resize.
• A new App Store screenshot shows the Sort menu and Retina display support.

Version 3.1.3: 2013-05-13

• TaskInsight documents are now sorted when opened as they were when they were last saved. They are no longer automatically sorted by priority-status after first change. Be sure to have the Auto-Sort After Changes setting set as desired.
• The contextual menu (control-click or right-click) for the selected item in the List or Timeline view now properly indicates the current priority, status and percent done for that task. Only the first selected task is modified when choosing settings in the contextual menu.
• Recent Documents panel now updates correctly after opening documents.
• Corrected Full Screen toolbar button icon. Took it out of default toolbar since it is a part of the window in Mac OS X 10.7 and later. It can be added to the toolbar manually on 10.6.

Version 3.1.2: 2013-02-21

• Fixed crash bug triggered by editing task text in Timeline view.
• Fixed a bug where multiple copies of the Start Date or Percent Done columns could appear in List view.
• Improved memory handling and support for iCloud with conversion to ARC.
• App requires 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo or later processor. Early models with Intel Core Duo (32-bit, through mid-2006) are no longer supported by this version.

TaskInsight 3.1.2, converted to ARC to improve memory handling and support for iCloud, no longer supports early 2006 32-bit machines (Intel Core Duo processors). Processor must be Intel Core 2 Duo or later for 64-bit support. Early models with Intel Core Duo (32-bit) are no longer supported by this version of TaskInsight 3.1.2: MacBook Pro - January 2006 (Shipped February 2006), MacBook Pro (17-inch) - April 2006, MacBook Pro (15-inch Glossy) - May 2006. Macs with with Intel Core 2 Duo or later, late 2006 and later are compatible with TaskInsight 3.1.2.

Version 3.1.1: 2013-01-06

• Improved support for iCloud storage for TaskInsight documents for use on other Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion machines you use TaskInsight on.
• Fixed bug: Background images used in Timeline view were accidentally flipped vertically in version 3.1.
• iCloud works best with TaskInsight on Mac OS X 10.8 or later. iCloud support is limited on Mac OS X 10.7. iCloud is not supported on 10.6.
• Compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion.

Version 3.1: 2012-10-30

• Support for Spotlight searching of TaskInsight documents for text. Spotlight lets you find TaskInsight files from the menu bar (top right manifying glass icon), from Open and Save dialogs, and the Find command in the Finder's File menu.
• Support for iCloud storage for TaskInsight documents for use on other Mac OS X machines you use TaskInsight on.

Version 3.0.3: 2012-04-26

* Updated date and time formatting for Timeline view grid labels, providing support for International Regions in System Preferences: Language & Text: Formats: Region.

Version 3.0.4:
* Support for autoscrolling in Timeline view (very helpful!) while making selections by dragging a selection rectangle.

Version 3.0.2: 2012-01-20

* Corrected XML output so XML special characters, such as <, >, &, ', and " are properly escaped.

Version 3.0.1: 2011-09-16

* Updated task selection to target task when editing task text in popup editor in Timeline view.
* Fixed crash bug when task text editor gets closed in Timeline view. (Garbage collection was turned off. Should be 'supported').

Current Version: TaskInsight 3.7.1

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Requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later, macOS 10.12 Sierra, Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, or 10.7 Lion. TaskInsight is a trademark of Imaja. Copyright © 2011-2018 Imaja. All Rights Reserved.
macOS and Mac OS X are trademarks of Apple Computer.

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