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Speech Commands

Speech Commands Module 1 provides speech control for various actions, including task selection, speaking, setting priorities and status, sorting, and other actions. The speech control uses the Mac OS X Speakable Items system (in System Preferences / Accessibility).

Speech Commands Module 1 is an In App Purchase. To purchase the Speech Commands module, choose Purchase Speech Commands Module in the File menu.


Setup your system for speech commands >


Speech Commands formatted for printing >

Additional Speech Commands

The Speakable Items system in OS X also provides access to other commands in the app, such as the ability to open menus and choose menu commands. See the Menu Bar section in the Speech Commands panel.

The Front Window commands include additional commands. When the Document Settings drawer is open, additional commands appear the Speech Commands window corresponding to controls in the drawer, depending on which view is visible, List or Timeline.

Text-To-Speech Configuration

To configure Text-To-Speech for use in TaskInsight, open System Preferences in the Apple menu or the Dock.

Choose Dictation & Speech and choose the Text to Speech panel.

Choose the desired System Voice and Speaking Rate.

Using Speech Commands with AppleScript

AppleScript scripts can be triggered with speech and can perform many functions on TaskInsight tasks and views. See TaskInsight: AppleScript for more info.

Speech Commands:


Go to [today | bottom | top]

Move page [left | right | up | down]

Show [timeline view | list view | help]

Zoom [in | out]

Open <document name>

Show recent documents

Show app speech commands

Open preferences

Open URLs (opens any URLs in selected tasks)


Select [first | last | next | previous] task

Select all

Create and Delete Tasks

Make new task

Dictate new task

Delete selected tasks

Modify tasks

Set label to <label name>

Set start date to now

Set priority to [one | two | three | four | five ]

Set status to [done | not done]

Shift [forward | back] 1 [day | week | month | year]

Shift [forward | back] [5 | 15 | 30] minutes

Shift [forward | back] [1 | 4 | 8] hours

Set duration to [1 | 5 | 10 | 15 | 30 | 45] minutes

Set duration to [1 | 2 | 4 | 8 | 12] hours

Set duration to [1 | 2] days

Set duration to [1 | 2] weeks


Say [this | first | last | next | previous] task

Say the next [five | ten] tasks

Say [start | due | completed | created | modified] date

Say existing labels

Show existing labels


Sort by [task | label | priority | status | percent done | start date | due date | completed date | created date | modified date]


Show [all tasks | tasks to do | uncompleted tasks | completed tasks]

Show tasks [due | starting] [today | tomorrow]

Search for label <label name>

Show priority [one | two | three | four | five] tasks

Dictate search

Change the Display

Colorize priority

Hide other applications

Hide the toolbar

Make text [larger | smaller | very small | normal size | large | very large ]

Show [task | label | status | priority | percent done] column

Show [start | due | completed | created | modified] date column

Show [dates | times | document settings]


To view the speech commands reference in TaskInsight, choose App Speech Commands in the Window menu, or if speech commands is turned on, then say “Show App Speech Commands”.

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Current Version: TaskInsight 3.8.2

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