Update History (Mac OS X):

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Version 2.2

New support for Markdown:

Three new actions in the Edit menu convert the current Markdown text document or selection:

Markdown support is supported in both the iPhone/iPad and macOS versions of TelepaText.

Keyboard shortcuts:

Version 2.1.7

Improvements and a bug fix:
• Tile windows now works on the set of windows that are visible on the current desktop Space, so you can have different sets of documents tiled on each desktop Space. To learn how to use desktop spaces, search for Mission Control in Mac Help in the Help menu. (Document windows are not currently restored to their assigned desktop Spaces upon restarting the TelepaText app.)
• Tile windows now works properly when any document windows are in full screen mode, only tiling windows that are not in full screen mode.

Version 2.1.6

New feature and bug fix:
• Added commands Increase Paragraph Spacing and Decrease Paragraph Spacing in the Format menu, including keyboard shortcuts.
• Text view updates immediately now upon changing the Paragraph spacing option in Settings.

Version 2.1.5

New features and improvements:
• Improved automatic window tiling. If only one document window is open, it will be automatically positioned in the center of the space next to the Documents panel.
• Added paragraph spacing option in Settings view. This value is relative to the font size. 0.0 means no extra paragraph spacing. 1.0 means the paragraph spacing is the same as the font size. This option lets one see paragraphs more easily, and eliminates the need for two Return characters between paragraphs to create a blank line visually.

Version 2.1.4

New Speech Commands* and Improvements for TelepaText:
• New speech command: [Evaluate | calculate] [text | selection]
The selected text is evaluated and the result displayed.
• New speech commands: [Show | display] [Word Usage | Word Types]
Shows the Word Usage or Word Types view for the selected text or document.
• If Tile windows is performed with only one document window, then the window takes up only the left half of available space; short line lengths makes for better readability.

* Speech Commands are an In-App Purchase

Version 2.1.3

• Added Reveal in Finder in contextual menu for items in the Documents listing. Control-click or two-finger tap a document in the Documents listing to open the contextual menu.
• If the Documents panels is opened or closed and the "Tile windows upon opening" option is on in Preferences, the the currently open document windows will be tiled.
• Window tiling is animated if there are six or fewer document windows open. If more than six documents, windows will be tiling instantly with no animation.
• Updated app icon for a brighter look.
• Be sure to check out the companion app, TelepaText for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Version 2.1.2

Improvements and new features:
• Improved automatic window tiling behavior for opening or closing multiple files.
• Added two new options to Preferences: Hide Others On Startup, and Hide Others On Activate.
• Follow Imaja on Twitter:

Version 2.1.1

New features:
• Added Word Usage action to calculate word usage counts for the selection or document.
• Added Word Types action to diplay the part of speech for each word in the selection or document.
• The Word Usage and Word Types actions mirror the actions in the iPhone/iPad version of TelepaText.
• Added support for more special characters in Web Search action.
• Added option in Settings: Show item location in directory. This streamlines the document listing when turned off.
• Updated links to other apps from Imaja for Mac OS X and iPhone/iPad: TaskInsight, Speak News, Perspectiva, CalReader and Astral Blossom.

Version 2.0.7

Increased character limit for sending a Twitter tweet from a text selection to account for URL shortening.

Version 2.0.6

Bug fix: Directory view is properly scrolled to the top when moving to a subdirectory.

Version 2.0.5

Bug fixes:
• Fixed bug in Settings view with check boxes.
• When opening a document, adjust window position so it is not under Recent Documents panel.

Version 2.0.4

• Fixed bug in Settings view with check boxes.

Version 2.0.3

• Changed Tile Windows keyboard shortcut to Command-Control T.
• Fixed bug in Settings view with Done button label.

Version 2.0.2

New features and minor bug fixes:
• Added Speech Commands: Turn sentence delay [on | off], Turn line break delay [on | off], Make sentence delay [longer | shorter], Turn speak upon opening [on | off].
• Upper Case, Lower Case, Capitalize actions added for text.
• Added more optional actions toolbar buttons. To configure the toolbar, choose Customize Toolbar in the View menu.
• Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.0

New features: Speech Commands, New Actions and Actions Toolbar
• Speech Commands (an In-App Purchase) provide powerful ways to control the app with your voice on OS X and iPhone. Use speech commands to select text, open documents, get info about documents, rename documents, evaluate expressions, change settings, send tweets, insert a contact's address, phone, or email, insert the date or time, and many more actions.
• The new Actions toolbar is optional. It contains many of the same actions available in the Edit menu, with the same icons, and provides one click access to many common actions.
• New Evaluate action to evaluate the mathematical expression in the text selection.
• New Sort Lines action to sort the lines of text in the selection.

Version 1.0.7

Improved Speak action:
• The Speak action now includes a pause between new lines of text on Mac OS X, improving comprehension of text file structure.
• Improved the Speak controls view.

Version 1.0.6

User interface improvements and bug fixes.
• Improved window title bar color for Dark Style.
• Various option states are now properly indicated in menus with checkmarks.

Version 1.0.1

• TelepaText currently supports the OS X 10.9 and earlier and iOS 7 iCloud system. iCloud Drive support will be added as soon as possible after OS X 10.10 Yosemite is released.
• Smooth Scroll feature: Turn on Smooth Scroll (Option-Shift-Command S) in the View menu to have text automatically scroll smoothly for hands free reading. Scrolling starts from the current position in the document. You can manually scroll to a new position while smooth scrolling is operating and smooth scrolling will continue from there. Smooth scrolling runs for 2 minutes and then stops automatically.


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