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Software Publishing

Imaja publishes graphics, animation, music, and educational software for the Apple Macintosh, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iOS, and Mac OS 9. Founded in 1985 by Greg Jalbert, Imaja has evolved into a diverse and creative software company, creating such innovative products as TaskInsight, Perspectiva, TelepaText, CalReader, Astral Blossom, Bliss Paint, Bliss Saver, PicScan, Listen, Imaja Reminder, Chronos, Rainwater and ProtoFont. Imaja software is used in graphic design, video and multimedia production, higher education and secondary education, music performance, business and presentation.

Current projects in the works are a new release of TelepaText text editing tools and actions for iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X, updates to TaskInsight, CalReader and Perspectiva, a new version of Astral Blossom for Mac OS X and iPad and iPhone, a Mac OS X release of Listen, the musicianship training software, Wind Flower, a new collection of artwork with original music on DVD, CD-ROM and VHS video, and more upgrades of Imaja's Mac OS 9 software to Mac OS X. Stay tuned for details.

Graphic Design Services

Imaja provides design services for World Wide Web and print media. Imaja offers page design, custom font design, typography, logotype design, illustration, color consulting, and more. See our Web Portfolio for more information.

artwork by imaja - greg jalbertArt and Performance

A collection of watercolors, drawings and other works on paper by Greg Jalbert is available through Imaja. The recent works are the result of the past 5 years of efforts and have influences ranging from calligraphy to abstract shape invention to sumi brushwork. The work has a two-way influence on the computer-generated artwork created in the Bliss Paint software and other digital works such as the Rainwater CD-ROM from Imaja.

Visit the Artwork page for Imaja's gallery of paintings.

Click here for information about booking Imaja for a Bliss Paint video light show.


Many of Imaja's products are packaging in minimal ecologically sensitive packaging, and include complete electronic manuals with hypertext linking and search capabilities. We are also looking at various means of electronic distribution of our products.

The Imaja office operates with minimal impact on the environment. Programming documentation is researched online, and scrap paper is used on both sides for all in-house printing. Outgoing printed materials are printed on kenaf or hemp/straw paper. Both of these types of paper are created from kenaf and hemp plants which yield 3-4 times as much fiber as a tree crop. Kenaf and hemp paper help prevent destruction of old-growth forests which provide habitat for countless species.

The office uses the light of the sun for all of its daylight lighting needs and is equipped with compact flourescent lights and energy saving devices on all of its computers.

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