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Update History

Version 2.5.1

Improvements for Twitter pages and special character display:
• Changed the way Twitter feed links work. Tap the feed page title to open that bookmark in the Twitter app. This could be a Twitter user page, a hashtag page or a search page. Tap a tweet to share it via Message, Mail, Twitter, Reminders, Add to Notes, and more in the activities view.
• Improved special character translations.

Version 2.5

Improvements and bug fixes.
• Added Enabled switch for bookmarks. Only enabled bookmarks will be updated. Disabled bookmarks will continue to display stories/items from the last update.
• Reminder: Innovative remote control item navigation feature. Double tap the center button to skip to the next item (a news story or page paragraph). Triple tap the center button to skip to the previous item. Tap five times to switch to bookmark selection mode. Listen to the names of bookmarks in sequence and tap after hearing the desired item to select it. Speak News will start speaking the bookmark stories if the "Speak upon opening feed" in Settings is on, or tap the remote center button to start or pause speaking.
• New bookmarks are now properly updated automatically after being created.
• Fixed problems with using the EarPods remote control to select a new bookmark.

Version 2.4.1

Improvements and bug fixes:
• Improved "spoken indicator" behavior that displays when a story or paragraph item has been spoken. To see the spoken indicator, turn on Settings: Speech behavior: Speak items only once.
• Update button is now the first button in the toolbar in both Bookmarks and News views.
• Layout of Speak News App Info view improved for various versions of iOS.
• Minor interface improvements.
• Updated icons for other apps from Imaja: TelepaText, Perspectiva, and CalReader.

Version 2.4

New features:
• New option in Settings: Speech behavior: Speak items only once. Speak News keeps track of items listened to for a given set of items/stories in a bookmark. To automatically skip over items already listened to, turn this option on. Manually selecting an item will speak the item. If the "Speak items only once" option is on, then the "spoken indicator", a circle, appears at the end of the item title or paragraph. An empty circle means the item has not been spoken yet, and a full circle means the item has been spoken. If the bookmark is a Wikipedia page or HTML page, then each paragraph will have the spoken indicator.
• New command in Settings: View source. To view the RSS or HTML source code for the current bookmark in the News view, tap View source. This can help webmasters debug issues with their RSS feeds. To return to a readable News view, tap the View mode button in the toolbar and choose a new view mode: Headlines, Short, Medium, Full.
• Added indication of voices not downloaded in Voice Library configuration view.

Version 2.3.1

New features and bug fixes for Speak News, text-to-speech, RSS news reader, Wikipedia reader, Tweet reader:
• Added (i) button at the top right of News view to open the Edit Bookmark view.
Bug fixes:
• Edit Bookmark view now shows the containing section and the feed type of the given bookmark. The section is a button to choose a different section for the bookmark.
• Changing the section of a bookmark in the Edit Bookmark view while the Bookmarks view is displaying a Search listing works now.
• New bookmarks are now properly added to the beginning of the section chosen in the Edit Bookmark view.

Version 2.3

This Speak News app update includes three new features: Wikipedia page bookmarks, query bookmarks for cached stories containing a phrase, and a new natural language custom URL format.

Open the Speak News 2.3 release notes in Speak News for speaking > (iPhone or iPad)

Version 2.2.2

Bug fixes:

Version 2.2.1

Bug fixes.

Version 2.2

Improved interface controls and minor bug fix.

Version 2.1

Speak News gets some cool improvements and bug fixes!

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Version 2.0

Open “New Features in Speak News 2” in Speak News for speaking > (iPhone or iPad)

Major Improvements!

Ease of use improvements:

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Version 1.1.1

Version 1.1

Version 1.0.3

Version 1.0.2

We fixed some bugs, because we use this app a lot; we love making Speak News a great text to speech RSS news reader.

Version 1.0.1

Enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 1.0


For questions, bug reports, and feature requests for Speak News, please contact Imaja via e-mail. We will try to respond within a day, usually much sooner.

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