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Use this library to add RSS feeds to your Speak News app on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Tap a link and it will open in the Speak News app where you can add it as a bookmark. Note: These links only work if the Speak News app is installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch.

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Top News

United Nations - Top Stories
Common Dreams
Think Progress
The Real News
Yes Magazine
Media Matters For America
New Internationalist
Democracy Now
Democracy Now blog
Public Radio International
CityLab - The Atlantic Cities
Corporate Crime Reporter
RD Wolff
Ralph Nader
Rising Up With Sonali
White House - Blog
White House - Press Updates
Harvard Gazette
Harvard Gazette - Science and Health
Harvard Gazette - National and World Affairs
Independent Australia
AntiWar Blog
Anti-Defamation League
Greg Palast - Investigative Reporter
Solidarity US
Rolling Stone - News
Rolling Stone - Politics
Rolling Stone - Culture
DailyKos - Elections
DailyKos Health Care
DailyKos Education
DailyKos Culture
DailyKos Community
DailyKos Congress
DailyKos Civil Rights
DailyKos Environment
DailyKos International
DailyKos Law
DailyKos Labor
DailyKos Energy
DailyKos Media
DailyKos Economy
Bloomberg Politics
Bloomberg Podcast
US Uncut
Socialism Or Your Money Back
The American Prospect

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Climate Progress
Climate Central
Climate Home
ICN Articles & Investigations
Today's Climate
Clean Economy Wire
Climate Change News - Google
Climate - Huffington Post

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Monga Bay
The Ecologist
Amazon Watch
Greenpeace news
Greenpeace actions
Greenpeace press
NRDC Press Releases
NRDC - Our Stories - On Earth
NRDC Actions
Reuters Environment
Washington Post - energy / environment
Miami Herald - Environment

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Reuters Science
NBC Science
Ars Technica Science
The Economist - Science, Technology
The Economist - Science, Technology, Print
Time Science
CBS Science/Technology
Washington Post - Speaking of Science
DailyKos Science

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Corporate News

Google News
The Guardian
Reuters World
New York Times
The Huffington Post - Feed
The Huffington Post - News
The Huffington Post - Blog
Al Jazeera
NPR - News
LA Times
Chicago Tribune
Houston Chronicle - News
Miami Herald - All News
Miami Herald - Nation / World
San Diego Union Tribune
Wyoming Public Media
Washington Post Checkpoint
Washington Post - House Divided
Washington Post - Monkey Cage
Washington Post - The Fix
Washington Post - Federal Eye
Washington Post - Fact Checker
Washington Post - Power Post
Washington Post - Elections
Washington Post - Digger
Washington Post - Wong Blog
Washington Post - The Switch
Washington Post - On Leadership
Washington Post - Nation
Washington Post - Blog Post
ABC - Top Stories
ABC - World News
ABC - Nightline
ABC - Technology
ABC - Politics
ABC - US News
ABC - International
CBS Top Stories
CBS World
NBC News
Time Newsfeed
Time World
Time - Top Stories
Time - Most Viewed
Time - Most Emailed
Time - NewsFeed
Time - U.S.
Time - Battleland
Time - Swampland
Time - The Page
Time - World
Time - Global Spin
Time - Business
Time - Moneyland
Time - Techland
Time - Healthland
Time - Science
Time - Entertainment
Time - Keeping Score
Time - Ideas
Time - LightBox
Time -
Time - Cartoons of the Week
Time - Top Videos
Time - 10 Questions
Time - Quotes of the Day
Time - Travel
CNN Top Stories
CNN World

BBC – News Feeds

BBC – Popular News Feeds
BBC – Top Stories
BBC – World
BBC – Business
BBC – Politics
BBC – Health
BBC – Education & Family
BBC – Science & Environment
BBC – Technology
BBC – Entertainment & Arts
BBC – Global and UK News Feeds
BBC – Africa
BBC – Asia
BBC – Europe
BBC – Latin America
BBC – Middle East
BBC – US & Canada
BBC – England
BBC – Northern Ireland
BBC – Scotland
BBC – Wales
BBC – Video & Audio News Feeds
BBC – Top Stories
BBC – World
BBC – Business
BBC – Politics
BBC – Health
BBC – Science & Environment
BBC – Technology
BBC – Entertainment & Arts
BBC – Other News Feeds
BBC – Latest published stories
BBC – Magazine
BBC – Also in the news
BBC – In Pictures
BBC – Special Reports
BBC – Have your say
BBC – Editors Blog
BBC – BBC Sport feeds
The Hill
Last Best News - Montana

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Mother Jones - Politics
The Hill
The Hill RSS
Washington Post - Fact Checker
Washington Post - The Fix
Washington Post - Elections
Washington Post - On Leadership
DailyKos - Elections
Rolling Stone - Politics
Bloomberg Politics
DailyKos Congress

The Hill

The Hill - Most Popular
The Hill - Administration
The Hill - Senate
The Hill - House
The Hill - Polls
The Hill - Sunday Talk Shows
The Hill - All News
The Hill - Defense
The Hill - Energy & Environment
The Hill - Finance
The Hill - Healthcare
The Hill - Technology
The Hill - Transportation
The Hill - International
The Hill - Defense
The Hill - Energy & Environment
The Hill - Finance
The Hill - Healthcare
The Hill - Technology
The Hill - Transportation
The Hill - International
The Hill - All Regulation
The Hill - Ballot Box
The Hill - Blog Briefing Room
The Hill - Congress Blog
The Hill - Floor Action
The Hill - In The Know
The Hill - Twitter Room
The Hill - Lobbying Contracts
The Hill - Lobbying Revenue
The Hill - All Business
The Hill - Campaign
The Hill - Editorials
The Hill - Op-Ed
The Hill - Letters
The Hill - Contributors
The Hill - Campaign
The Hill - Defense
The Hill - Energy & Environment
The Hill - Finance
The Hill - Healthcare
The Hill - Technology
The Hill - Transportation
The Hill - International
The Hill - Sunday Shows
The Hill - Events
The Hill - Lawmaker Interviews
The Hill - All Video
The Hill - All Columnists
The Hill - Brent Budowsky
The Hill - James Carville
The Hill - Lanny Davis
The Hill - John Feehery
The Hill - Judd Gregg
The Hill - David Hill
The Hill - Cheri Jacobus
The Hill - Mark Mellman
The Hill - Dick Morris
The Hill - Markos Moulitsas
The Hill - Bill Press
The Hill - A.B. Stoddard
The Hill - Juan Williams
The Hill - Jobs

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World News

China People's Daily China News
China People's Daily World News
Times of India
The Hindu News
The Hindu
The Indian Express
Sputnik News
Deutsche Welle - All Stories
Deutsche Welle - Top Stories
Deutsche Welle - World
Deutsche Welle - Germany
Deutsche Welle - Europe
Deutsche Welle - Business
Deutsche Welle - Culture, Lifestyle
Deutsche Welle - Sports
Deutsche Welle - Visit Germany
Deutsche Welle - Asia
The Australian
The Sydney Morning Herald
Herald Sun
The Star
The Star - Canada
The Globe and Mail
Ottawa Citizen
BBC - Top Stories
Japan Times
Japan Times News The Sun Daily - Malaysia The Sun Daily - World Wall Street Journal

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Business Green
New York Times Business
The Economist - Business, Finance
The Economist - The World This Week
Wall Street Journal - U.S. Business
International Business Times - Business
International Business Times - World
International Business Times - National
International Business Times - Media - Culture
International Business Times - Millennial Money
Financial Times - World
Financial Times - US
Market Watch
Business Insider
Chicago Tribune Business
Houston Chronicle - Business
Miami Herald - All Business
Wired Business
Ars Technica Business
Debt Deflation

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Low Tech Magazine
No Tech Magazine
Monday Note
The Verge
The Verge - Web
Ars Technica
Ars Technica Features
Ars Technica Technology Lab
Ars Technica Gadgets
Reuters Technology
New York Times Technology
International Business Times - Technology
BBC Technology
Houston Chronicle - Technology
Miami Herald - Technology
Wired Top Stories
Wired Design
Wired Tech
Wired Product Reviews
CNN Technology
TechCrunch GreenTech
CNET Reviews
Time Techland
Wall Street Journal - Technology
GCN - Technology
Ethical Technology
The Next Web
The Register
Digital Trends
O’Reilly - Radar
O’Reilly - News
O’Reilly - New Books
O’Reilly - Answers
O’Reilly - Open Questions
O’Reilly - Forums

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Apple News

Mac Daily News
Apple Insider
The Mac Observer
OS X Daily
The Verge - Apple
Apple Hot News
Apple Press Info
Apple Developer News
Apple Support - New Articles
Apple Movie Trailers
MacWorld All Stories
MacWorld News
MacWorld Reviews
MacWorld Business
MacWorld Working Mac
The Mac Observer - Columns
The Mac Observer - Reviews
The Mac Observer - Forum: Mac OS Support
MacNews Latest News
MacNews Blog
MacNews Reviews and KoolTools
MacNews Showcase
Cult of Mac
Apple World Today
Apple Must
9to5 Mac
MacMost - Tutorials
Mac Most - iTunes Video Podcasts
MacMost - Quick Tips
MacMost - Forum Questions
MacMost - Complete
IUseThis OS X
Softpedia Mac
Softpedia Mac Free
Softpedia News Center
O’Grady’s Powerpage
MacUpdate Commercial
MacUpdate Utilities
MacUpdate Hot Picks
MacUpdate Popular
MacUpdate iPhone

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Apps From Imaja

Imaja App News
Imaja App Headlines

Updated 2017-01-02

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Custom URL Scheme

The Speak News app supports a custom URL scheme to provide a way to open RSS feed URLs directly into the Speak News app, also adding a new bookmark for the URL if it is not already included in the Bookmarks collection. The URL is the same as a typical RSS feed URL except it replaces “http://” or “feed://”

with “speaknews://”. Examples:



A feed title may also be added to the URL as a parameter (sntitle). This feed title will be used as the bookmark feed title in Speak News. Spaces in the title should be replaced with +. If a feed title is used in the URL, Speak News will try to create a feed title based on the URL.


If URLs of this form are included in emails, text files, or other text, the URL will often be automatically converted to a clickable link by the Data Detector code in iOS.

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For questions, bug reports, and feature requests for Speak News, please contact Imaja via e-mail. We will try to respond within a day, usually much sooner.

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