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Imaja Reminder: Personal Calender and Address Book Organizer

Imaja Reminder: New Features

  • Publish calendars and to-do lists on the web: Export to HTML from Month, Event Listing and To Do List views. Click here for sample web output of the Month view.
  • Toolbar for common commands at the top of many views, Previous, Next, Filter, Play and Record Sound, Month, Week, Hourly, Day, Listing, Directory
  • Specify auto-rescheduling for events as Next Hour, Next Day, Next Week, Next Month or Next Year.
  • Specify advance warnings for events with advance warning periods and alert sounds.
  • Create custom view layouts for easy display of your priorities.
  • Sort the To Do List view by clicking on column labels. Filter the To Do List with Label or text matching.
  • Choose from many background patterns or add your own background image.
  • Configure the Hourly view with start time, periods per hour and row and column layout.
  • Record sound into events. Play all event sound or speech for a day.
  • Option-drag to copy an event.
  • Drag and drop text from other applications or Finder desktop text clippings in Imaja Reminder to create new events in the calendar, or new items in the To Do List view or Directory view.
  • Text selections can be dragged out of Imaja Reminder to other applications or to the Finder desktop to create a text clipping.
  • Print mailing labels from the Directory on typical 3x10 labels per 8.5 x 11 inch label sheet layouts.

Requires Apple Macintosh Plus or later, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X with Classic, or Mac OS 8. Accelerated for Power Macintosh, and compatible with 68K-based Macintosh models.

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