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Imaja Reminder: Personal Calender and Address Book Organizer

Imaja Reminder: Additional Features

  • Drag appointments to any spot in any window or drag directory names into calendar.
  • Easily enter, change, and move appointments.
  • Print monthy, weekly, or daily views.
  • Find and Find Again commands for easy location of information.
  • Categorize items into user-defined categories with color-coded labels.
  • All windows are zoomable to fill the screen.
  • Imaja Reminder plays a sampled sound of your choice when it is time for an event.
  • Events and directory entries can be heard using Macintosh Text-To-Speech.
  • Separate screen font and printing font settings make it easy to control your personal views on screen and on paper.
  • Multi-column directory printing makes for compact phone listings.
  • Import and export text files for use with other applications.
  • Imaja Reminder is compatible with Mac OS 9, Mac OS X with Classic, and Mac OS 8 .
  • Imaja Reminder is accelerated for Power Macintosh and also compatible with the older 68K-based Apple Macintosh computers.
  • Documentation and software is included on CD-ROM or diskette with hypertext linking, illustrations, and Find and Find Again capabilities.

Requires Apple Macintosh Plus or later, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X with Classic, or Mac OS 8. Accelerated for Power Macintosh, and compatible with 68K-based Macintosh models.

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