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Imaja Reminder: Personal Calender and Address Book Organizer

Imaja Reminder: More New Features

  • Stop Sound command to stop speech and sound.
  • Speak Items for To Do List window.
  • Use Background in Printing and Dim History options in Preferences.
  • Show Controls button for more mouse-based control, drag and drop and quick event operations.
  • Go To Date command in Find menu.
  • Added Filter column to Label window for quick selection of Label for Filter.
  • Added label to Reschedule dialog.
  • Command-N is New Item in the Extras menu for creating calender, to do list and directory objects.
  • Most dialogs are movable-modal
  • Added support for Appearance Manager: movable-modal, sounds.
  • Hourly window events now fill slot if no other events in slot.
  • Start Time menu supports full 24 hours
  • Event text, date and time are editable in the Reschedule dialog
  • To resize the Directory entry field panel, click on the resizing bar at the lower left of the entry field panel and drag up or down
  • Added play sound icon button throughout calendar windows.
  • Filter button: To filter the calendar views to show events that match a phrase or label, click the filter button to display the Filter dialog.
  • To filter the calendar views to show events with only one label, option click the filter button (the sunglasses) to select a label from the popup menu. The button will become highlighted to indicate that a filter is in effect.
  • Go To Date Button: To go to a specific date in a calendar view, click the Go To Date button. A dialog appears where you can enter the desired date. To choose a date from a popup menu, option click the Go To Date button and the year menu appears. The Go To Date command is also in the Find menu.
  • Added preferences dialog with HTML output preferences.
  • Export as HTML: Export as HTML is supported for the Month view, the Listing view and the To Do List view. Use the Preferences dialog in the File menu to change the HTML export settings.
  • Added Delete Sound command in Edit menu.
  • When results are displayed after a Find, if Use Speech Synth is on, then the event or directory item will be spoken.
  • Updated Import, Export and Archive for Navigation services and dialog interface.
  • Clicking on days or day buttons in Year, Quarter, Month, Week views opens the Hourly window by default instead of the Day listing view.
  • To move an event to another time slot, drag it with the drag bar at the left of the event, or press shift and drag it from anywhere in the event rectangle.
  • To edit attributes of an event, click the edit triangle at the left of the event or press Control and click anywhere in the event rectangle to get the edit popup menu.

Requires Apple Macintosh Plus or later, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X with Classic, or Mac OS 8. Accelerated for Power Macintosh, and compatible with 68K-based Macintosh models.

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