Imaja: PicScan 2: Download: Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 image slideshow and thumbnail browser

PicScan: slideshow generator/controller
PicScan 2: interactive slideshow and thumbnail photo/image browser for Mac OS X/9

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PicScan by ImajaDownload Demo

For Mac OS X

(For Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, Universal, PowerPC or Intel-based Macs)
Be sure to choose PicScan Help from the Help menu once you run the Demo version. There you'll see the keyboard shortcuts and information about PicScan’s features. The Mac OS X demo is a disk image file. Open it to open the virtual disk image, and read the Read Me file inside for more details.

For Mac OS 9

PicScanDemo.sit.hqx (Version 1.3.11)

The Mac OS 9 demo is compressed with StuffIt and will be automatically uncompressed by your browser or can be uncompressed with StuffIt Expander, available for free from