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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Listen main screen shotQ: Do you have plans for putting out a version of Listen for current Macs? I have the OS9 version but I can't run classic apps anymore. . . . Yours is really great for its flexibility and I haven't found much else that is quick and helpful for advanced training.

A: Imaja has put huge amounts of time into a new version of Listen, but needed to work on some other projects. We're trying to finish a software update on another project or two, finish a video project and get back to finishing the new Listen.

The published Mac OS 9 version is in C. We worked on a complete rewrite in Object Pascal and Apple and Metrowerks discontinued that language. We then worked on a rewrite to C++, but then Apple people said that to really use Mac OS X, software should be written in Objective-C with Cocoa. All this on top of the complexities of writing a complex music interaction system! Software evolution is hard!

Stay tuned...

Listen 2.5.5 is built for Mac OS 9 and is compatible with Classic Mac OS 9 on Mac OS X.

> Download the demo to try it on your system.

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Listen 2.5.5 (Full version, CD-ROM delivery) $99.00
Listen 2.5.5 (Full version, CD-ROM delivery + $6 international shipping) $99.00
Listen 2.5.5 (Full version, e-mail delivery) $79.95
Listen 2.5.5 Upgrade: $20.00. (E-mail delivery. Available to registered users.)
Listen 2.5.5 Upgrade: $40.00. (CD-ROM delivery + $3 US shipping, Available to registered users.)
Listen 2.5.5 Upgrade: $40.00. (CD-ROM delivery + $6 International shipping, Available to registered users.)