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Bliss Paint 2

Imaja Bliss Paint 2

Innovative Live Performance
and Video Animation System
for Mac OS 9

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Imaja welcomes information about your web pages and other uses of Bliss Paint. Send URL submissions and comments to . Click here for more about Bliss Paint.

Bliss Painters and Performers

Scene from Nancy Herman: Parade

Nancy Herman uses Bliss Paint to weave color animations with music. Her site also features an interesting variety of digital prints, paintings, fabric and felt wall hangings.

Bliss Paint Used for Jamo-O-Drum - a multiplayer drum/video projection experience featured at the Experience Music Project in Seattle and other venues.

Rose*X has created Alien Dreamtime, a fantastic video with three talks by entheobotanist/philosopher Terence McKenna, with visuals by Rose*X, and music by Spacetime Continuum and Stephen Kent. Fantastic organic layering and transitions take you on a intriguing trip for about 60 minutes. They use Bliss Paint, but not until after their video was made. I thank Rose*X for turning me on to this video and Terence McKenna. Alien Dreamtime is now available on DVD from

Brian Eno has been using Bliss Paint for a while, including a series of animations for U2's Pop Mart world tour. Eno also created an installation of Bliss animations at the Partobject Gallery. Links: and

Nocturne, a video production company in San Francisco, has used Bliss Paint for the Jimmy Page/Robert Plant tour and the Kiss tour.

The Grateful Dead lighting crew used Bliss Paint, live and on video disk, mixing it in beautifully psychedelic layers with all kinds of other lights and images. Here's just one of the web sites dedicated to the Grateful Dead. At the June 2, 1995 concert at the Shoreline Amphitheater, during space, a group of Tibetan monks came on stage and chanted, with Bliss Paint providing a mesmerizing liquid transparent contemplation backdrop.

The Shamen, a UK techno band has been tripping out with Bliss Paint for a while.

D'Cuckoo, a San Francisco-based techno-tribal dance band has used Bliss Paint for a few performances, including the Percussion Currents festival, The Great American Music Hall, Glide Memorial Church/Computers & You, and the American Center for Design. They get you shaking and grooving with their highly interactive shows! More to come... stay tuned!

Bliss Paint Web Sites

The art, photography, and writing of Matt Jalbert regards the contemporary landscape. He has galleries of Bliss Paint art, photographs, and articles about modern geography.