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Video Input/Output Information - Useful for Bliss Paint users, this page includes information about built-in video in/out capabilities of Macintosh computers, and a listing of manufacturers of scan convertor cards and boxes. Scan converters are used to convert computer video to NTSC video signals for display on a television, video projector, or video tape.

Video Projectors - Manufacturers of video projectors.

Dealer Listing - Resellers of Imaja software.


This listing is provided as an information resource to Imaja's Bliss Paint customers. Bliss Paint is often used in live performance to spontaneously create animations for projection. To do projection, you need a way to get the computer video signal into the video projector or a video switcher. A video switcher lets you mix multiple video signals with dissolves, wipes and special effects.

Built-In Video In/Out on Macintosh Computers

Many models of the Macintosh have video output built in. Some models have AV as part of the model name, such as PowerMac 8100/80AV. Other models don't have the 'AV', but still include video in/out, such as the most PowerBooks, some iBooks, PowerMac 8500, 8600, 9500, 9600, and certain configurations of the G3 mini-tower and desktop systems. Many of the PowerBook models have S-Video output. Typically the built-in Macintosh video includes S-video and Composite video connectors. Bliss Paint uses the standard sequence grabber API within Apple's QuickTime to handle video input, so any video input boards that support that should be compatible. Please contact Imaja if you have any questions:

Note: PowerMac 8500 Video Cycling Fix

Color table cycling operates abnormally slowly when running on the Power Macintosh 8500. Imaja provides a utility program designed to fix a problem with the NTSC video output board on a PowerMac 8500 when using color table cycling. Running this program makes a temporary change in the video driver so that color table cycling will operate at normal speeds. The video board bug appears in System 7.1 and 7.5.x, but was fixed in System 7.6. It then appeared again in System 8.0, hence this fix program is required until the System software catches up again.

Scan Converter/Video Input/Output Manufacturers

ATI Technologies Makers of the XClaim VR series of video cards with video output. Their cards also have 3D acceleration.
ADVC-100 box (and other models) provides Component/SVHS video in/out's and audio in/out's along with FireWire in/out (a single bidirectional connection). To a software app with video capture/send (such as iMovie) it appears as a digital camera allowing VHS/SVHS in/out or other analog video devices to be used.
Good Systems, Inc.
690 West Fremont Ave., #5
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Tel: 1-408-739-4713
Fax: 1-408-739-4702
2715 Electronic Lane Dallas
Texas USA 75220
TEL: 1-800-877-5772
FAX: 1-800-856-8500
Standard RGB monitor output goes into a GrandVision Wizard frame converter to get NTSC video output. About $300. Leather bag and cables. RGB, S-Video, and NTSC video out. Dobbs-Stanford (214-350-4222) may be a parent company. Available in the APS catalog.
TV One
1445 Jamike Drive #8
Erlanger, KY 41018
tel 606-282-7303
fax 606-282-8225
DeltaScan $395
DeltaScan PRO $695

RGB Spectrum
950 Marina Village Pkwy
Alameda, CA 94501
Tel: 510-814-7000
Fax: 510-814-7026
Tony Spica
RGB/Videolink 1650 - $6995 Macintosh Video Scan Converter
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998
Power R Inc.
756 Aloha Street
Seattle WA 98109 USA
Phone: 1-206-282-2000 or 1-800-729-6970
Fax 1-206-285-0260
Maker of the MAXVIEW Scan Converter.
Communications Specialties, Inc
89K Cabot Court
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Phone: (516) 273-0404
Fax: (516) 273-1638
Extron Electronics
1230 South Lewis Street
Anaheim, CA 92805
Voice: 714.491.1500
Fax: 714.491.1517
Focus Enhancements
Available in many Macintosh mail order catalogs. Their TView Gold scan converter card (about $300) has some problems with Bliss Paint. The output seems to be limited to an area that is smaller than the full NTSC video frame, and the border is black. Also, the color output is strangely distorted as if there was a more limited color palette applied to the Bliss Paint animation. Please let me know if you find otherwise.
Note: Imaja is not responsible for the accuracy of this information. Please call the manufacturers listed above for more information. To add info to this listing, please email to

Last updated: May 8, 2003.