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Version History

Version 1.1
To add more matching fonts to the selected set, use the Select Fonts command and click the Add To Existing Selection checkbox.
To flip through the ProtoFont page layouts, choose Next Layout or Previous Layout in the Operations menu. The keyboard shortcuts Command-; and Command-' make it easy to flip quickly through the page layouts.
To select a font for the layout labels, press option and choose a font from the Font menu.
To select a font size for the layout labels, press option and choose a font size from the Size menu.
ProtoFont help is in the Help menu. Command-?
Page Setup is Command-Shift-P.
To sort the Font Keywords window by font name or keywords, click the column header label at the top of the Font Keywords window.
Double-clicking a font keywords document in the Finder now properly opens the document.
Only one Font Keywords document can be open at a time.
To move to the next or previous character in the Single Character window, use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard, or type the character you want to see on the keyboard.

Version 1.1.1
Updated to support Command-. and Escape in dialogs. Corrections to some text edit routines in Imaja libraries. Added Font List and Font Keywords buttons to toolbar. Grouped buttons for easier reading. Fixed bug where Multi-Font Paragraph view did not change font size with the Larger and Smaller Font commands. Fixed bug where page outline was drawn in PICT export files.

Version 1.1.2
Changed toolbar to floating window.

Version 2.0
Added Merge command. Fixed multipage printing. Delete fonts from Font Keywords window.

Version 2.0.1
Fixed challenge code generation. Two versions had shipped with the 2.0 bug.

Version 2.0.2
Updated balloon help.

Version 2.1
Merge command now uses NavChooseFolder instead of selecting a file. Added 'tfil' font file type (TrueType fonts) to Merge command. Made Merge command recursively search all folders contained within the chosen folder when adding fonts. Increased default memory allocation.

Adjustments to authorization code.

Version 2.1.3
Fixed bug with two font windows having the wrong window titles. Added hyphens where needed in some menu items and window titles. Minor updates to electronic manual.

Version 2.2
Fonts can be deleted from the Font List or Font Keywords window by selecting them and pressing the Delete key or choosing Clear in the Edit menu.

The Merge command in the File menu now only adds the new font folder, not including System fonts if they're not already there.

To create a Font List document with only a specific folder of fonts:
1. Open the ProtoFont application.
2. Open the Font List window.
3. Choose Select All in the Edit menu.
4. Choose Clear in the Edit menu to remove the fonts from the font list.
5. Choose Merge in the File menu to add a selected folder of fonts to the font list.
6. If desired, choose Save As in the File menu to save the font list for later use as a ProtoFont document.

TrueType fonts not installed in the System are now properly displayed when selected in Font List or Font Keywords window. To print TrueType fonts, they must be installed in the System Folder:Fonts folder.