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Powerful Font Library Browsing and Spec Sheets Printing

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Features 2

ProtoFont will automatically print the desired specimen page for any selected fonts, which can be easily selected using the Font List, or Font Keywords views or with the search feature. Font names and user supplied keywords may be searched.

ProtoFont lets you browse fonts installed in your System Folder or fonts located anywhere on your computer. Create and add to your font databases with fonts from any folder on your system.

A powerful toolbar gives easy access to flipping through page layouts, fonts, font sizes, selecting fonts, the Font List and Font Keywords windows. All tools have keyboard shortcuts for power-users.

Keywords may be attached to fonts for catagorization, such as stylistic terms: 'calligraphic' and 'dingbats', or customer job references: 'acme job', 'dinner menu'. Fonts can be selected automatically based on these keywords.

For paragraph displays, you can easily choose a number of different text variations: prose text, upper and lower case alphabets, random upper and lower case characters, font names, and many more options.