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Update History

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Version 2.9.1

New layouts and bug fix.

  • Added 3/4 size corner layouts to View Layout Styles in Display settings.
  • Fixed bug in calendar box layout calculations.

Version 2.9

Added option to Use iCloud For Settings to Perspectiva, useful for syncing display and filter settings across multiple devices, and for remote controlled kiosk calendar display!

Use iCloud For Settings

The Use iCloud For Settings option in the Display settings view enables sharing of the Perspectiva app display and filter settings to iCloud and other devices you have signed in to iCloud.


  • If you are switching from one device (iPhone or iPad) to another, or use multiple devices, then FIRST turn this option for the original Perspectiva device to use those settings in iCloud.
  • The device must be connected to the Internet and your iCloud account.
  • Press the home button to exit Perspectiva. This will sync your Perspectiva display settings via iCloud.
  • Then, enable this option on other devices to get the desired display settings from iCloud.
  • When making changes on one device, the other device(s) will update shortly after (about 15 seconds).
  • Background images are not synced between devices in this version.

Remote-controlled kiosk calendar display

This feature can be use to change the display on an iPad or iPhone remotely, such as a iPad used as a calendar display kiosk. That device may also be connected to an external display such as an Apple TV. Configure both the iPad and your iPhone Perspectiva to Use iCloud For Settings.

Version 2.8
Updated for iOS 11, faster and better, new calendar layouts to show off the background images, and bug fixes!
  • New calendar layouts for 3/4 top, bottom, left or right side proportions.
  • Added Inset Calendar Box option in Settings, with rounded corners on the background color rectangle of calendar area of layout.
  • Improved background color for the various Graphics Styles (light, medium light, medium, medium dark, and dark) when no background image is being used.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.
Version 2.7
Faster and better, new calendar layouts to show off the background images more, and bug fix!
  • New calendar layouts for the four corners of the view in 1/2 or 2/3 proportions.
  • Improved responsiveness of popovers.
  • Settings are now saved on a background process so the interface is not blocked.
  • Color Picker now uses global popover style.
  • Fixed glitch in graphic style of the popovers. Popovers now follow the text and background color style set for the calendar display in the Display Settings view.
Version 2.6
Enhancements to user interface for Perspectiva for a more beautiful experience:
  • Modernized the presentation of popovers for iPad.
  • The graphic style of the popovers follows the text and background color style set for the calendar display in the Display Settings view.
  • Minor interface improvements.
Version 2.5.2
Bug fix in color picker for Display Settings.
Version 2.5.1
  • Added new View Layouts slideshow. See version 2.5 notes for details on the new Perspectiva calendar slideshow features.
  • Minor interface improvements.
  • Updated icons for other apps from Imaja: TelepaText, Speak News, and CalReader.
Version 2.5
This is a great new update! New calendar graphics layouts, enhanced sharing, refined styles, lots of new background images, app info and more...
  • New View Layout Style provides a way to position the calendar and time charts in several different positions over the background. Create enticing graphic designs with photos for your calendars, and export them via the enhanced sharing options.
  • Sharing options have been greatly expanded, using the iOS Sharing Activities view and providing sharing to Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Add to Notes, Evernote, and other apps that support sharing. Text event listings, time calculations, CSV (comma-separated values) event listing, TSV (tab-separated values) event listings, calendar and chart view images and PDFs can all be shared.
  • Added new backgrounds, including landscape photography and digital paintings; over 40 images to choose from.
  • The new Slideshow action provides a few slideshows to choose from: All Views, a slideshow of all calendar and chart views, This Week, the upcoming 7 days, and Backgrounds, landscape photos, artwork and more. • Added Play Slideshow in the Actions view.
  • Added toolbar buttons for Speak Events and Slideshow actions on the iPad.
  • Improved Pie Chart layout for different view aspect ratios.
  • Improved startup experience for new users.
  • Improved Title Glow rendering.
  • Improved default text sizes and colors for Graphics Styles.
  • Event map pins are draggable. Event mapping is an In-App Purchase.
  • Corrected popover resizing issues.
  • Status bar text corrected to white text for dark backgrounds.
  • View titles now use Title Font from Settings.
  • Show Log Messages command fixed on iPad.
  • Updated info and links to other Imaja apps, including Speak News, TelepaText, CalReader, TaskInsight and Astral Blossom.
Version 2.4.1
New feature and bug fixes.
  • Added new Speak Events command in the Actions view. This will speak the visible events in the List, Day, Week and Month views.
  • Automatically ask for app receipt refresh if not found or matching.
  • Fixed bug in New Calendar command.
Version 2.4
Feature additions and interface modernizations:
  • Added display options for Pie Chart and Bar Chart views of calendar data.
  • Improved label positioning in Bar Chart view.
  • Updated some text rendering code for newer systems.
  • Modernized popovers on iPad with the light blur visual effects background.
Version 2.3.4
Bug fix: Restored the Share/Actions activities view.

Share/Actions activities provide the ability to share a calendar event via Message, Mail, Notes, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Evernote, Google+, Instapaper and other services, and or perform actions Copy, Edit, View and Location.
Version 2.3.3
Updated for iOS 9. Bug fixes.
  • Rebuilt E-mail actions for better view animation behavior.
  • Fixed crash in E-mail actions in the Actions view.
  • Fixed sporadic crash in color settings in Settings view.
Version 2.3.2
Bug fix and improvements.
  • Fixed crash in Action > E-mail CSV and TSV.
  • Updated Launch Screens.
  • Updated links to web pages for other Imaja apps.
Version 2.3.1
Bug fixes.
  • Filtered Event Count in Filter view is now properly updated, a moment after changing the date range.
  • Fixed bug in Bar Chart display where chart data was not updated.
  • Fixed bug in internal version checking. (Sorry! Ouch.)
Version 2.3
User interface improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • Added support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen sizes and iOS 8 extended keyboards.
  • Made MiniMonth view larger in Day view in landscape orientation.
  • Updated Event Mapping (an In-App Purchase) for iOS 8.
Version 2.2.7
Bug fixes:
  • Month view event text now appears properly on iPhone with iOS 8.x.
  • Mini-month view in Day view is now properly updated if Graphics Style is changed in Display Settings.
Version 2.2.6
iOS 8 compatibility and bug fixes for calendar view transitions and device orientation changes.
Version 2.2.5
A new build for iOS 8 compatibility, new tab bar customization, and bug fixes.
  • Built for iOS 8, and also compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 6.
  • On iPhones, the user-configuration of Tab Bar is now saved, and restored when restarting the app. Use the More tab button at the bottom to see the More view. Tap Edit to change the selection and order of tab views in the tab bar.
  • Fixes view sizing glitches for device orientation changes on iOS 8.
  • Thanks for your support. Please spread the word about Perspectiva! Follow Perspectiva on Twitter:
Version 2.2.2
Better user experience, improved color picker interface, better view transition performance, transition glitches fixed.
  • Improved color picker popover width for ergonomics on iPad, and for landscape orientation on iPhone or iPod touch.
  • The color of events drawn in the Year view now use the Event Opacity value in the Display view. In earlier versions the opacity was fixed at 90%. Tap the gear icon in the top toolbar on the iPad to open Display.
  • Optimized swipe left and right transitions in calendar views. Increased the speed of the transition slightly.
  • Fixed view transition glitches.
  • Fixed a bug where swipe left and right in Day view could stop working correctly.
Version 2.2.1
User interface improvements and minor bug fixes:
  • Improved tab bar and toolbar tool tints for different graphic styles from light to dark.
  • Corrected popover view resizing on iPad.
  • Corrected restoration of some display parameters.
  • Corrected link to CalReader app web pages in Extras.
Version 2.2
  • New navigation buttons. Filter, Calculations, Actions and Display views on iPhone and iPod touch now have a Done button in the upper right to take one directly back to the current calendar view.
  • Added Tutorial on Time Calculation and Filters to Perspectiva Help.
Version 2.1.3
Bug fix.
Corrected app purchase verification code bug which limited time calculations and event displays to 10 events.
Version 2.1.2
Refined features and bug fix.
  • Thanks to our valued customers, more improvements and bug fixes!
  • The color indicator band on the right edge of the List view better indicates upcoming events.
  • On iPad, the selected event now properly deselects after a popover view is closed.
  • Added links to Imaja's other products in the Extras view: CalReader for iPad/iPhone, TaskInsight and Astral Blossom for OS X.
  • Added app purchase receipt verification to prevent app theft and to protect Imaja and Imaja's customers.
Version 2.1.1
Refined features and bug fix.
  • Refined feature: A color indicator band on the right edge of the List view indicates near current events. If the event is in progress (the current time is between the start and end times), then the indicator color is orange. If the event is in the past, the indicator is blue. A blue shaded color indicator band is displayed on the right edge of events if they are with the last 24 hours, or orange shaded if the events are within the next 24 hours. The intensity of the color is greater if the event is closer to the current time, and lighter if the event is farther from the current time.
  • Bug fix: Corrected layout of PDF output in Actions: E-mail PDF.
Version 2.1
New features, optimization, and bug fixes:
  • Both events earlier or later than the visible time window in the Day or Week view in Time Blocks Display Mode are now displayed as 'pebbles', small boxes with the color of the calendar.
  • Added two options to Week and Month views. To view only events in the Filter date range in the Month view, turn on Use Filter Date Range in the Month View Settings in Display. A similar setting is available for the Week view.
  • Startup time is optimized to be faster.
  • Fixed a tap handling bug: Sometimes taps in the last week in the Month view went to the wrong day.
  • Corrected size of textured gray backgrounds for tab bar.
Version 2.0
Version 2.0 is built for iOS 7, includes event mapping (an In-App Purchase) and many other new features and improvements to behavior and graphic design.
  • Added Perspectiva Store view for In-App Purchases. Tap Location in the event Activities view to open the Store and purchase the Event Mapping Level 1 product.
  • Event Mapping Level 1 (In-App Purchase): A new Map view is available for displaying and selecting event locations with a street address or coordinates (i.e. {37.332331,-122.031219} ). Offline selection of coordinates is possible on the currently cached map. To set an event location, tap the event to open the Activity view, then tap Location to open the Map view. In iOS4, coordinate locations can be displayed on the built-in map view, street address-type locations are displayed in the Maps app if the device is connected to the internet.
  • To view directions to a event location, tap the event, tap Location in the Activities view, and tap the Directions button at the bottom of the Map view. This opens the Maps app and displays directions.
  • Let events accumulate on map as they are viewed, or tap the Actions menu button at the bottom of the map view and choose Clear Events From Map.
New actions in the Actions view:
  • Add Event With Contact: Select a contact from your Contacts database and a new event will be created with the contact's name and organization as the event title, and the contact's address as the event location.
  • Add Event at Current Coordinate: Creates a new event titled "Location" and sets the event location to the current coordinate, such as {37.332331,-122.031219}.
  • Add Event at Current Address: Creates a new event titled "Location" and sets the event location to the current address, such as 12345 Main St., Brocolli, CA 94706. To retrieve the current location and address, the device must be connected to the Internet.
New: Add Event actions from the top toolbar button (+):
  • at Current Time
  • at Next Hour
  • with Contact
  • at Current Address
  • at Current Coordinate
New: Add Event actions for Day, Week and Month view taps:
  • Basic event
  • with Contact
  • at Current Address
  • at Current Coordinate
  • On iPad, tap the day number in the Month view to view the Day view. Tap events in the Month view on iPad to choose and activity for the event.
  • All-day events are displayed in a separate section at the top of the Day and Week views.
  • To hide or show the top toolbar (fullscreen mode), tap the triangle button in the upper right corner of the view. Use fullscreen mode to see a bit more information in the calendar or chart views on smaller screens such as iPod touch or iPhone.
  • Tap the Pie Chart or Bar Chart calendar names to choose what to use for the chart data: Hours, Hours %, Event Count, or Event Count %.
  • New Graphics Style and Toolbar Style options in the Display settings view. Choose from different basic graphics styles and top and bottom toolbar styles to coordinate with your projects, environments, etc. The details of graphics styles can be changed with other controls in the Display view.
  • The Now indicator in Day and Week view (when in Time Blocks Layout Style) has been changed to a triangle.
  • Added event calendar to output for E-mail Text, E-mail CSV and E-mail TSV actions in the Actions view.
  • Improved placement on iPad for Edit Event and View Event popovers.
  • Improved auto-layout of Pie Chart view.
  • Improved layout of overlapping events in Week view and Day view on iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Calendars are now sorted by source and by name within each source group. Sources include calendar systems such as Default (iCal/Mac OS X Calendar), Google (Gmail, CalDAV), or Yahoo (CalDAV), or other CalDAV calendars supported by the iOS system in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Improved layout of day and week views, more room for your events! Time grid labels in the Day and Week views now use the Condense Time Format setting in Display.
  • On iOS 5 or 6, turn off Black Toolbar in Display settings to get off-white toolbar and tab bar -- a more modern look.
  • Improved speed when device is rotated between portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Two-finger swipes up or down shift the start time of the Day or Week view in Time Blocks display mode.
  • A blue shaded color indicator band is displayed on the right edge of events if they are with the last 24 hours, or orange shaded if the events are within the next 24 hours. The intensity of the color is greater if the event is closer to the current time, and lighter if the event is farther from the current time.
  • Improved size of subheadings in calendar views.
Bug fixes:
  • The title of the Week view is based on the first displayed day of the week view. This was incorrect in some cases.
  • Picker view layout glitches.
  • Improved display of all-day events in the year view and the mini-month view of the day view.
  • Base Font was not properly restored.
  • Improved auto-layout of view titles and subtitles for all fonts.
  • Rotating the device while List view is visible now keeps the same events in view.
  • Improved the Near-Now indicator band on the right edge of the list view for events in the last or next 24 hours.
  • Fixed a possible crash after editing a calendar color in Filter > Calendars.
Version 1.5.5
  • Modernized app icons and startup screens: brighter colors, cleaner look, rendered with flair (and flare)!
  • On iOS 6, turn off Black Toolbar in Display settings to get off-white toolbar and tab bar -- a more modern look. The tab bar will update when you restart the app.
  • Fixed bugs in Font Picker and Color Picker views for some systems.
Version 1.5.4

Handy interface changes, cleaner Help pages and bug fix:

  • Changed Toolbar buttons at the top for iPhone and iPod touch in portrait orientation. Go To Today button now appears on right next to Help button.
  • To support larger font sizes, the date title of the Day view is now abbreviated on iPhone and iPod touch in portrait orientation.
  • Modernized Perspectiva Help page styles.
  • Fixed font picker view layout glitch.

What's New in Version 1.5.3

New feature (touch-based view adjustment) and a minor bug fix:

  • New view adjustment gesture: To shift the start time of the Day or Week view forward or backward by one hour (in Time Blocks Layout Style), swipe up or down with two fingers.
  • Bug fix: Day box tint color changes were not properly restored.

What's New in Version 1.5.2
  • Bug fixes: Possible crash in List or Week views fixed. Refresh Sources command restored to the Actions view.
  • Added Black Toolbar option in Display view Global Settings.
  • Added additional app icon sizes for newer systems.
What's New in Version 1.5.1
  • Improved several view transition animations to illustrate a date contained in another view, such for tapping a day in the Week and Month views, tapping a month in the Year view, tapping the month/year title of the Month view, and swiping up in Day and Month views.
  • Bug fix: Fixed target date for first tap on a day in the Month view.
What's New in Version 1.5
  • Improved Month view with time display option and touch-drag rescheduling, great for publishing calendars for your business or organization.
  • New rescheduling feature: Events can be dragged in the Month view. To make it easier to drag the desired events in the Month view, touch with two fingers and spread to make the font size larger. Events can also be made bigger by increasing Max. Lines in the Display view; this is the maximum number of lines of text displayed for each event.
  • New option in Display Settings for the Month view: Show Event Times.
  • A new or changed event's calendar is automatically made visible if it was hidden. This should help prevent confusion about why new or changed events might not appear after the changes.
  • Use the Condense Time Format option in the Display settings view to change the format of times displayed in the List, Day, Week or Month views. The normal time format such as "11:00 PM" is condensed to "11pm".
What's New in Version 1.4.2
  • New iPhone screen shots in App Store with informative color coded events in Year view, an overview of how events from different calendars are distributed throughout the year.
  • Bug fix: Week view title now properly uses Display Settings font size.
  • Fixed glitchy popover size for Filter view and date picker.
  • Tapping on a day in the Week view opens the corresponding date in the Day view. Bug fix: Events are so small in the Week view on iPhone and iPod touch screens for the user reliably target, so event tap handing is no longer supported in the Week view on those devices.
What's New in Version 1.4.1
  • New navigation animations, more informative colors, optimized background images, better interactivity, and bug fixes.
  • Added navigation animations for swiping left and right to previous and next time frame in calendar views and chart views.
  • Added basic zoom in and zoom out animations in calendar views for swipe up and down navigation, tap navigation and tab bar navigation.
  • Day, Week, Month and Year view titles are displayed in the Today Highlight Color if the view contains today's date.
  • Optimized background images: Converted built-in background photos to smaller files for faster app and background loading.
  • The Add Event view opens as soon as a long press is detected in Day, Week, or Month views.
  • Added new background images.
  • Improved event dragging in Day and Week views. Minimum touch duration to drag an event is 0.75 seconds, to prevent navigation swipes or accidental touches from moving events. Navigation swipes must not start on an event.
  • All-day events now properly displayed on Day, Week and Month views.
  • Fixed camera view when taking a picture on iPad for the Background Image.
  • Fixed Filter view glitches when rotating device.
What's New in Version 1.4
  • Faster performance, more informative event layout, better interactivity, smarter navigation, new features and bug fixes.
  • Double tap an event to directly open the Edit Event view. Single tap an event to open the Activities view.
  • Swipe down in Month view will display the Week view for the current day if the current day was in the Month view, otherwise it will display the first week of the month.
  • Improved event layout in Week view for overlapping events. Overlapping events are now layed out to display as much of the event text as possible.
  • Better handling of event taps when events overlap in the Day or Week views. Tap near the top of the event to be more specific about the desired event.
  • Faster startup through optimization. App no longer starts in List view, but goes directly to last user view.
  • Faster navigation with optimized rendering of views.
  • For improved display performance, a new button (X) to clear the background image is included in the Background Image picker.
  • Bug fixed: All-day events didn't appear in Month or Week view unless included in filter date range.
  • Bug fixed in event dragging. To reschedule in Day and Week views when they are in Test Listing Layout Style, drag the event and watch the start time change at the beginning of the text.
What's New in Version 1.3.1
  • To reschedule an event, the event may be dragged from day to day in the Week view on the iPad. If the Week view Layout Style is Time Blocks, then drag the event to the desired time of day. If the Layout Style is Text Listing, you can still drag the event in the space of the day box to change the time. The new event time is displayed at the beginning of the event as it is being dragged.
  • Corrected iPad Retina and iPhone 4-inch launch image resolution.
  • Corrections to Perspectiva Help text.
What's New in Version 1.3
  • Support for iOS 6 Activities popover with Mail, Message, Twitter, Facebook, Copy, Edit and View activities for events.
  • Drag and drop rescheduling of events in Day and Week views in Time Blocks mode. Events can be scheduled on a quarter-hour (15 minute) grid when using drag and drop. To set specific event times, tap the event and choose Edit to use the standard Edit Event view.
  • Added red dot 'light' indicator at top right of events that have alarms. The alarm indicator appears in Day, Week and Month views.
  • Improved layout of Day and Week views in Time Blocks mode to show more event text.
  • Fixed E-mail TSV action to strip Return characters from exported fields to prevent problems in importing to other apps such as spreadsheets.
  • Added All-Day Event Hours field to Calculations popover to allow user to determine how many hours to include in calculations for All-day events.
  • Multi-day All-day events are now displayed as multiple items in the list view, one for each day.
  • Multi-day All-day events are now exported as multiple items in Text, CSV and TSV formats, one for each day, with a duration of 24 hours.
  • The Filter settings are applied to show only the days of Multi-day All-day events that fall within the Filter start and end dates.
What's New in Version 1.2
  • Added a View button to the Event Actions sheet for tapping on an event. This lets you see the event in the standard iOS Event View. In the Event View view, URLs are live links, and tapping a URL will open it in Safari web browser.
  • Added a event start and end date, calendar and location to the Event Actions sheet for tapping on an event. This is a quick look as the basics. Tap Edit or View for editing and more details.
What's New in Version 1.1.1
  • Corrected drawing of calendar names in Pie Chart and Bar Chart views for international languages (non-English).
What's New in Version 1.1
  • New user option for First Weekday: Sunday or Monday, available at the bottom of the Display: Global Settings view.
  • Added weekday names at top of Month view.
  • Tapping an event in the Day or Week views opens an Action sheet which provides Edit/View, Copy Text, E-mail and Tweet actions. E-mailing an event puts the event title as the subject and the start and end date and time in the body. When a person receives that e-mail, they may be able to click on the start and end date to add the e-mail as a new event in their calendar. The Tweet action only appears on devices running iOS 5 or later.
  • The Now indicator (a dot with the Today Highlight Color) shows where the current time location is on the right side of the Day view or the today's day box in the Week view if the Layout Style is Time Blocks.
  • Improved behavior of the Go To Today and Go To Date actions, determined by the current main view.
  • Improved layout and tapping of overlapping events in Day and Week views.
  • Added tap actions for tapping events in the Month view on the iPad.
  • Bug fixed: In Bar Chart / Line Chart view, if the graph Chart Data was set to Event Count or Event Count %, the graph was mistakenly showing the graph for Chart Data: Hours.
  • Added h or ev after % in Pie and Bar chart labels to specify hours or event count.
  • Alignment of view and month titles is now centered.
What's New in Version 1.0.3
  • Changed event separator line color in List view for certain color styles.
  • Corrected tap handling bug in Week view. To edit an event, tap it.
  • Corrected event opacity rendering in Week view.
  • Fixed potential truncated text bug in List view PDF output.
  • Fixed color picker editing crash bug that happened when switching between calendar views.
  • List view colors now update immediately upon changes in Display color settings.
  • Updated startup images and icon.
  • Added subject text to support e-mail.

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