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This Speak News app update includes three new features: Wikipedia page bookmarks, query bookmarks for cached stories containing a phrase, and a new natural language custom URL format.

Wikipedia page bookmarks

Use "pagetitle wikipedia" in the Title field of a new bookmark to load the Wikipedia page for the given page title. The Wikipedia printable version of the page is what is loaded. For example, "bicycle Wikipedia". Wikipedia pages are cached on the device for offline reading. To create a Wikipedia bookmark, tap the + (Add Bookmark) in the Bookmarks toolbar, tap Add Manually, then tap the dictation button in the keyboard and speak the desired phrase into the Title field, such as "bicycle Wikipedia". Tap OK to confirm creation of the new bookmark. Wikipedia page titles are case sensitive in the case of names of people or places (pronouns).

Query phrase bookmarks

Use "story contains phrase" in the Title field of a new bookmark to create a query for stories that contain the given phrase. For example, "story contains solar panel". Use the dictation button on the keyboard to speak the phrase "story contains solar panel" into the Title field.

Wikipedia pages and regular web pages referenced by Speak News bookmarks are presented as sequences of paragraphs that can be navigated with the earphones remote control. Double-tap the center button to speak the next paragraph, triple-tap to speak the previous paragraph. The next and previous buttons in the bottom toolbar also work.

Natural language custom URL format

The Speak News Custom URL Scheme supports adding booksmarks by specifying natural language queries. For example:

If you are viewing this page on an iPhone or iPad with Speak News installed, the speaknews:// URLs above can be tapped to open them in the Speak News app. A new bookmark will be created and the specified web page will be downloaded from the web for speaking or reading.

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