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Perspectiva Feedback

The only calendar I use on my iPad ★★★★★
I love the fact that Perspectiva has the options to use graphics in the background of month, day, and list views, plus the ability to control/adjust color hues. These features make it much more enjoyable to look at and use than other calendar programs. This, and the fact that Perspectiva gives me several choices of weekly views and a unique list view have made this my "go to" calendar on my iPad!     — S.

TaskInsight Feedback

I bought this app today and spent several hours learning it well enough to put a couple of task sets into it. It does have a learning curve as it is not what it looks like (a Gantt chart with tasks). It is instead a task list with Gantt-like display option. Once you wrap your mind around that and don't try to list every item in sequence but by priority or date (using it like a task list, in other words, not a Gantt chart) then it gets a lot easier. It appealed to me because of that timeline display feature and the ability to track multiple lists at once (each with its own timeline display if desired), which make it easier to track deadlines coming as well as shifting priorities. I have sometimes previously used a Gantt chart for tracking to do and other items, so recognize the shortcomings of a Gantt for that as well. Use the right tool for the task (this for lists of prioritized to do items, a Gantt chart tool for project requirements and status in a sequential display), and both will work well for you. I like the added clarity that this approach gives to task lists, and it does do what it says it will in a way I haven't seen any other do. It's a fine product at a reasonable price for what it does and no I have no connection with the developer except as customer. Understand what you're getting into and you won't be disappointed.     — S.

CalReader Reviews

Great App ★★★★★
by cooooooolzzz

This is a really handy app for viewing, exporting your calendar, and especially communicating dates to third parties. Great for anyone who wants to share their dates with others; also works in an Excel-ready format. Customer service is top. The makers responded right away to questions and even took a suggestion into the update.

Works quite well ★★★★
by Lidia Monroe - Version 2.1.1

This is the only Calendar logger I have found on the App Store. The information it gives is not very pretty, but it does the job and the info can always be transferred to Word and made to look more organized. I write notes in all my appointments on my calendar - notes on meetings, phone conversations, lunches, etc - that way I have a log of everything. With this program I can print all that out and keep a weekly and monthly log of everything I've done, notes I've taken, conversations I've had. It's very useful. I wish it looked better, but it works well even on the latest iOS.

Class App. (v1.1) ★ ★ ★ ★
by MicReviser

...Is the ultimate application to search the calendar from the standard iPod...

Astral Blossom Feedback

Thank you so much for your kindness & honesty! I can tell from Astral Blossom, that you have spent time meditating & implementing 'higher consciousness'! To be able to transfer this level of understanding to computer graphics is a real gift to the Mac community!... I look forward to any and all future developments, that you are able to produce for OS X! Thank you again, for the development of such amazing software! I have your URL bookmarked, so I will check it out at least once a month for future developments! Best regards and I wish you success in your future endeavors!     — your fan, J.

I love the Astral Blossom screen saver, Thanks!!!     — L.

I really enjoy the patterns generated, they are quite hypnotic & relaxing, thanks for developing such an enthralling Screen Saver!     — J.

Cool, I'm glad that you're doing stuff for OSX!     — C.

It's beautiful - one of the nicest things on OS X for sure.     — M.

Bliss Paint Feedback

Bliss Paint 2.0 gets 4 1/2 mice in the July 1999 issue of MacWorld magazine! Check it out on the newstand or at the MacWorld web site.

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