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Train Trip November DVD
Train Trip November
a DVD video of landscape photography and music by imaja

Greg Jalbert, artist and musician, presents this collection of photographs of nature and urban scenes from a train trip in November, a cross-country roundtrip.

Train Trip November is contemplative, a meditation on the geography of rural and urban areas, land use patterns, natural and man-made areas of transportation, agriculture, cities and small towns. Non-narrative, the scenery and music give one impressions of the joys and struggles of living in various ecosystems.

The music soundtrack is a mix of a variety of music compositions and improvisations, both newly created and taken from a wide range of time in the Imaja archives, and includes guitar improvisations in raga-style, electronic synthesizer textural works, and jazz improvisations.

Total running time: 51:24.


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Train Trip November: Imaja
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Train Trip November: Imaja
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